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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Aquidneck Pizza

27 Aquidneck Ave.
Middletown, RI  02842
(401) 849-3356

July 12, 2014

Mom and I have been going to Aquidneck Pizza for years.  A friend turned me onto their delicious pies in the late 1990’s, and since then I’ve taken – and suggested it to – most of my family and friends.  This is my sister Mallory’s favorite pizza of all time, so naturally Mom and I were super excited about stopping in for a late night slice … or more.

We arrived at around 10 p.m. after taking a fun drive through busy Newport.  We like to see the people in the streets and smell the delicious food coming from the restaurants.  Even though we could have chosen any “hot spot” to visit, we wanted Aquidneck Pizza – a double decker restaurant that has late night/early morning hours and delicious food.

Mom and I ordered our favorite – a large extra-cheese pizza ($11.79) – and two Diet Cokes ($2 each).  Our total came to $17.05.  We took a table at the back of the restaurant and waited for our pizza, which came out fast and smelled fantastic.

It’s funny, because if you ask us what our favorite pizza is, we will give you about four or five different answers.  We like different pizzas for different reasons, for example:

  • Best bar pie:  Cape Cod CafĂ©, Brockton/Raynham/Bridgewater, MA
  • Best “old school” pizza:  Caserta Pizzeria, Providence, RI
  • Best four cheese pizza:  Spumoni’s Restaurant, Pawtucket, RI
  • Best crust:  Federal Hill Pizza, Warren, RI
  • Best delivery chain pizza:  Papa Gino’s, various locations

As for Aquidneck Pizza, we would rate this as our best “all-around-awesome” pizza.  Every time we have it, it’s like we’re having it for the first time.  The taste is outstanding, there is always a perfect amount of cheese and sauce and the crust is nicely crisp.  It really is a perfect pizza.  Just ask my sister!  To her, it is the only pizza place that matters.

Once Mom and I dug into our pizza, there was no stopping us.  Before we knew it there was nothing left on the pan and we were rolling back into the parking lot.  Our waitress was awesome and the restaurant is always clean and neat.  It actually has one of Mom’s favorite public restrooms because everything has been modernized.

I can picture gaggles of drunk college kids stumbling into Aquidneck from the beach bars to sober up with some pizza or perhaps one of their breakfast dishes (click here to view the menu).  You really can’t go wrong with anything at “AQ.”  We’ll be back!

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Purefections Chocolate

102 Franklin St.
Quincy, MA  02169
(617) 328-6248

July 10, 2014

Mom and I love getting our chocolate on, and since we found ourselves in Quincy having lunch at The Clam Box, we knew just the place to satisfy our sweet tooth.

We’ve been to Purefections Chocolate one other time, and we both thought that it was some of the best chocolate we’ve ever had.  We’ve tried Hilliard’s, Sweenor’s, Dorothy Cox, Godiva and many other candies from local chocolatiers, but the offerings at Purefections were top notch – especially the P2C2.

The P2C2 (pronounced “P squared, C squared”) is a nicely sized piece of Belgian chocolate mixed with peanut butter, caramel and a salted potato crunch.  “A salty sweet treat” notes the wrapper.  It comes in milk, dark and – we found out today – white chocolate.  The P2C2 is probably the tastiest candy bar you’ll ever have, which is why it has been featured on several food-themed television programs.

Obviously Mom and I were there to score some P2C2 (both milk and white), but we also chose two milk chocolate tartarugas with spiced pecans, two milk chocolate cashew clusters, two pieces of milk chocolate almond toffee, two peanut butter and marshmallow cups and two dark chocolate lavender truffles.  Mostly everything at Purefections is made with different types of chocolate, but Mom and I tend to favor milk over dark (even though white is our real favorite).  Our total came to $38.50.  Is this a lot to pay for chocolate?  Yes, but A) we’re never in Quincy and B) it is delicious and worth every penny.

The P2C2 was just as good as we remembered.  The pieces of potato crisp are minced so that you get a tiny bit of texture in every bite (think Nestle’s Crunch).  The chocolate on each candy was very creamy, and Mom marveled at the fact that the candy (even the white chocolate!) wasn’t overly sweet – it was rich and flavorful.  You get what you pay for.  The delicious turtles, cups and clusters were filled with their requisite ingredients and were fantastic.  The toffee was very tasty and the lavender truffle was crazy because it tasted just like lavender smells – only less harsh and surrounded by sweet dark chocolate.  Everything was amazing.

Purefections is definitely one of the greats.  You can order online (click here) or stop inside and choose something from the display case.  Make sure to pay attention because the store is small and barely noticeable from the street.  Once inside, be sure to get their signature P2C2.  You will thank us.

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