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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bite of the Week - Wal-Mart Apple Flavored Drink Mix

Calorie free, sugar free, and easy to use on the go. Sounds good, right? Well, maybe not. Since I'm not the biggest fan of plain ol' water, I decided a few years ago to start "spicing things up" and picked up a box of the Wal-Mart raspberry flavored drink mix. It was fantastic! Feeling great after my discovery, I picked up a box of grape packets. Again, it was delicious! Plus, it was very easy to use because the powder was in its own individual sleeve. Next, I purchased the lemonade. It was OK. A little bitter, but lemonade can be that way sometimes. Finally, I decided to go with today's bite - the apple flavored mix.

THE VERDICT: Bitter. It seemed to want to be exactly like apple juice, but without the freshness and sweetness of real apples. I had a few packets, and then let them sit on the shelf in my pantry for quite some time. Actually, today I finally got around to throwing them out. It was almost like drinking a Sour Patch Kid. Although some may like it, I wasn't a fan.