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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bite of the Week - Java Pop

While browsing the shelves at Stop & Shop last night, Mom and I spotted something we'd never seen before - coffee flavored soda. We both knew that it existed, we had just never come across any. "Get a vanilla one," said Mom with excitement in her voice. She just loves trying new things. Besides, what could be bad about something that marries coffee with soda? I grabbed a bottle of the Java Pop ($1.49) and decided to crack it open today - MOTHER'S DAY. How did Mom feel about it?

THE VERDICT: Java POOP. The only pop that existed was the sound of the bottle going into the recycle bin. It was horrible!! Not only did it smell exactly like butterscotch syrup, it tasted like crap. Not soda, not coffee - just crap. It was so sweet that I thought the enamel on my teeth was going to come off. Mom took one sip and said, "I'm done," and handed me her half to throw away. I decided to give it one more shot, but my half quickly followed hers down the drain and probably into the Taunton River. If you see any fish or swans dry heaving in the water today, it's probably because they had a swig of this disgusting beverage. Hey, at least I get a nickel back for the bottle deposit.

Thanks for almost ruining Mother's Day, Java Pop. TWO THUMBS DOWN (one thumb pictured above).