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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bite of the Week - Oscar Mayer Lunchables

Oscar Mayer Lunchables are aimed toward children, but I don't think that these meals-to-go are a healthy choice for them. According to this article on Wikipedia, it seems that the main company - Kraft - has come under fire for making these meals extremely unhealthy. Loaded with fat, sugar, and sodium, it seems that more and more parents are taking the easy way out and putting these ticking time bombs in their children's lunchboxes. Why do we buy them, you ask? For the fans!!

THE VERDICT: A little gross, although I've been known to eat one when there is nothing else is in the house. Lunchables usually contain a meat, a cheese, crackers, and a dessert. Bigger Lunchables include a drink and maybe even a second dessert. The Lunchable that we usually buy is the "Turkey & American Cracker Stackers" - my sister's favorite. Although she enjoys them, I find the meat extremely salty and chewy, and the entire meal never leaves me wanting more. It just reminds me that I shouldn't really be eating these. This particular Lunchable has 380 calories. It also has 40% saturated fat, 36% sodium, and 18 grams of sugar. However, it does have 22% protein (an "excellent amount" according to the box), but is it really worth it with all the artificial ingredients? My advice - make your kid a peanut butter sandwich on wheat with a side of grapes and leave the Lunchables to the lazy adults ... and my sister.