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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yummies Candy and Nuts

384 Us-1
Kittery, ME 03904
(207) 439-5649

Date visited: 11/11/08

Yummies is yummy !!! How lame is that ? Actually Yummies is a fantastic candy store in Kittery , Maine .....right up the street from the outlets . It is chock full , from floor to ceiling , of every kind of candy imaginable . You want jelly beans .....they got jelly beans .....thousands . They've also got licorice , truffles , squirrel nuts , mary janes , bit-o-honey , ice cubes and anything else you can think of from your childhood . They even have my favorite .....sky bars ......4 flavors in 1 . This was nirvana for me . Me , a little fat kid , thought I was getting 4 candy bars at once . It was heaven !
Only drawback ......the candy bars are so much smaller than they used to be ( or I'm so much bigger ) . Laura got a Zero bar ( remember those ? ) and it was half the size it used to be . This is NOT Yummies fault however . Everything is shrinking ....don't get me started on half-gallons of ice cream . We're getting LESS for our money and are NOT supposed to notice . LISTEN UP COMPANIES .......YOU CAN'T FOOL A FAT CHICK ! We know when we're being cheated ........WHEW ..............
Back to YUMMIES ...........if you go to the Kittery Outlets ....be sure to go up the street .....about 2 minutes away ......and take a walk through your past and pick out a bag of nostalgia . You won't be sorry and your tastebuds will thank you .