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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bite of the Week - Tim Tam by Pepperidge Farm

We've been seeing these " new " cookies in the market for a few weeks now . They looked good but we didn't want extra sweets in the house ...so they stayed in the market ( poor things ) . Then I read ( in some magazine ) that they were AUSTRALIA'S favorite cookie . Well , if it's good for the AUSSIEs ....it's gotta be great for us . Right ? ( except for that vegamite stuff we won't talk about ....yuk ) . So we picked up a pack at STOP & SHOP ( on sale for $ 2.50 ) and took them home to see for ourselves .

VERDICT .........YUMMO ( to quote a TV chef ) , these things were delicious !

They are a good sized cookie...rectangular and thick ....and covered in rich , creamy chocolate . They consist of 2 crispy wafers with a fudge -like middle drenched in a really good chocolate coating . Because they're rather on the big side you will be satisfied with 1 or 2 ( but you'll want more .....piggie ) . They are put out by the PEPPERIDGE FARM COMPANY so you know it's a tasty , quality item . There are 10 in a 7 oz. package ....just be careful not to eat them all in one sitting ( 190 calories for 2 ) .

Chocolate cookies .....cold milk ........trouble !!!!! LOL

So pick up some TIM TAMs today . Fancy enough to put out for guests or hide them in the back of the cupboard for later . You know you do that .......I do !!!!