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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bite of the Week - Trident Pubhouse Battered Cod

During my weekly grocery shopping on Saturday night , I decided to make some fish for Sunday's dinner ....more exact ....fish & chips . Since I already had a bag of frozen shoestring fries at home ...all I needed were the fish fillets . Alas , as often happens because I shop late in the day , the fresh fish dept. was closed . I had wanted to get something a little better than the frozen main-stream brands ( Gorton's , Van de Kamp ,etc. ) so I checked out the fresh fish freezers . There I found a large selection of TRIDENT SEAFOODS brand of frozen fillets . These were all whole fillets with 0 TRANS FAT . Sounded good ! The box stated that there were 4 servings per container ( giving you 2 pieces each ) but I had a feeling that would result in a really small portion . And I was right . The fillets were on the small side and for a dinner I think 3 ( or 4 ) pieces would have been better . Especially since they were SO good . They tasted fresh , had a very light coating , were whole fillets ( not minced ) and small but thick . There's only 140 calories per serving , only 1 gram of sugar , 5 grams of fat and 9 grams of protein ......nice ! They were easy to make ....just pop in the oven for 16 minutes at 425 ...and VOILA ! ....hot and lightly crisp on the outside and beautiful white, meaty fish on the inside . They were moist and delicious . TRIDENT also carries... PUBHOUSE BATTERED HALIBUT....PUBHOUSE BATTERED FISH ...ALASKAN SALMON BURGERS ....PANKO BREADED TILAPIA ...THE ULTIMATE FISHSTICK ...and ...BREADED FLOUNDER FILLETS . I can't wait to have a different variety . We got them for $ 4.99/12 oz. box ( on sale ) at Stop & Shop . They regularly go for $ 5.99 - $ 7.99 depending on which kind you buy . So if you're looking for some fresh fish ( and the fish counter is closed ) try these .....I don't think you'll be sorry . But next time ....I'm getting 2 boxes ....it was good ....I wanted more . LOL