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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A quick look at Leo's Ristorante and a side note on Kool Kone

September 25, 2010


Since we've already visited Leo's in Bristol, R.I., and done a full-review (click here to read it), we're just posting pictures of our latest lunch there to whet your appetite. We love this place and the food we had on this visit was outstanding.

We started with this:


Laura loved this:


I devoured this:


Our second visit has been as wonderful as our first and we highly recommend Leo's for some great authentic Italian food. To read their on-line menu click here.

Then get yourselves there for a great meal.



After leaving Leo's and taking a nice ride toward Wareham, Laura and I decided to stop for an ice cream treat at Kool Kone. Now we've done a complete review of Kool Kone here, so I just want to tell you about this particular experience.

We both decided to get a small classic hot fudge sundae. The place was mobbed ( as usual ) but we were lucky. Since it was dinnertime, the food window was very busy but the ice cream window was less so. We got our sundaes after a short wait.

Hmmmmm....we've had better sundaes. First, where was the ice cream ? I honestly thought I had a cup of fudge. After digging under the fudge, I found a small scoop of vanilla pushed against the side of the cup. Second, were the freezers too high ? Laura found her ice cream more icy than creamy and I had to admit it was extraordinarily cold. Third, they were VERY generous with the hot fudge, maybe too much so. It was extremely thick and heavy and dominated the sparse ice cream serving. The whipped cream was tasty but the cherries a little shriveled.

The last time we had cones here they were great. Don't know what happened this time. Hey, everyone has an off day. We'll be back.

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