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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey guys!  Laura here.  On Sunday, October 3, yours truly turned 32.  Although I feel like an old lady, nothing makes you feel more childlike than getting cake and presents from your parents and sister on your birthday.  A special thanks to my grandmother and aunts for sending cards, and to my friends for sending me happy greetings online and over the phone.

The present-receiving actually began about two weeks ago when my sister decided to give me my gift - a beautiful Vera Bradley bag and wallet - a little early.  Was she so overwhelmed with gift-giving excitement that she just couldn't wait another day?  Nope.  She just happened to be driving by our apartment after buying the gift and felt like dropping it off.  She even handed it to me in the store bag ... from Wright's Chicken Farm (she bought it at their gift shop).  That Mallory - always a class act.

Since Mom and I usually do our errands on Saturday, we decided to celebrate my birthday then.  We started off by grabbing a tasty pastry at Cinderella's Bakery in Fall River, which was a great way to begin the day.  After that, Mom treated me to lunch at Sam Diego's in Plymouth - my favorite restaurant - where we had a delicious Mexican meal.  Everything - from the frozen mudslides to the chips and salsa - was absolutely delicious.  I've been wanting a do-over ever since we drove away from the restaurant.  *sigh*

Frozen mudslides with chips and salsa 

Jalapeno poppers with buffalo wings 

Pulled pork quesadilla

California quesadilla

Both Mom and I decided that - since we were in Plymouth - we would stop at Cupcake Charlie's to get a few cupcakes to take home with us (carrot cake, mint, and peanut butter).  We didn't get around to eating them until the next day, but they had a fantastic taste.  I can't wait to go back to see what the other ones taste like!

When we woke up the next morning (my actual birthday), I decided to sacrifice myself and drive back to Cinderella's to pick up some malasadas for breakfast.  They were hot, sugary, and fantastic.  I opened my gifts (I got this, this, and this) and couldn't wait to use/watch/read them all.  Oh yeah, and to top it all off ... the moment you've all been waiting for ... we had this for dessert:

Yep.  That was my ice cream cake from Eskimo King, and it was outstanding.  I could not leave it alone, but it was HUGE and lasted a very long time.  I miss it terribly.

So ... that was my birthday, and it was a complete success.  THANK YOU MOM FOR EVERYTHING!  Maybe you can do it again next week?  I don't mind turning 33 a little early if I can have more of that cake ... or the lunch ... and the presents.