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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bite of the Week - My Grandma's of New England Coffee Cake

I love coffee cake. I love it in the morning with something hot to drink. I love it during the day with a glass of cold milk. I love it........you get the picture. I really enjoy a nice piece of coffee cake. Unfortunately most of the coffee cakes I've eaten tend to be a bit dry. You need lots of milk to eat these babies. I was always on a quest to find a moist coffee cake.

That's why when the generous folks at MY GRANDMA'S of NEW ENGLAND offered to send us a sample of their wares, we readily agreed.

MY GRANDMA'S has been selling their gourmet products for 20 years. Their coffee cakes come in 2 sizes, 8" and 10". They are baked under Kosher supervision and contain NO trans fats, NO artificial preservatives, NO artificial coloring, and NO artificial flavors. They claim to be the world's most critically acclaimed coffee cake and the best you've ever eaten. I couldn't wait to try it. We were offered our choice of several flavors ( see their website above ) but decided to try the ORIGINAL CINNAMON WALNUT.

In just a couple of days our coffee cake arrived. It was huge. The folks at MY GRANDMA'S had very generously sent us the large 10" size. This cake weighs 3.1 lbs. and feeds 16 - 20 people. We could smell the cinnamon as soon as we opened the box. It was beautiful. The top was covered with whole Mariani walnuts and a cinnamon streusel. As beautiful as it was the important questions had yet to be answered. How did it taste and was it moist?

THE VERDICT: This is the best-tasting, MOISTEST coffee cake I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Nothing else I've ever had ( even home-made ) compares to this. I don't know how they can make it so moist but still have the taste and texture of a coffee cake ( and not a regular cake ). Even hubby, who professes to not liking coffee cakes because they're so dry, loved this one. We all had a big hunk and look forward to having more.

So visit their web site, mygrandma.com, to get all their flavors, prices, shipping directions and info. on their specialty products. Then make sure you order yourself a coffee cake. You won't be sorry, believe me. Don't forget the Holidays are coming. Order one as a gift or to serve your guests. You'll get plenty of compliments and who doesn't like that?

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