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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

What We Did On Thanksgiving

GOBBLE, GOBBLE ! Now that Thanksgiving ( and all the work ) is officially over, I thought I'd show you what I did to prepare for our great feast. First, I bought a 22lb. Shady Brook Farms turkey. Here he is waiting for his bath the night before the big day.

I place my disposable roasting pan ( easy clean-up ) on a large cookie sheet and then place a rack and a lifter inside. I love that lifter.

Here he is taking a nice wash. Got to get him clean inside and out.

This will send Laura running out of the room - innards. I removed the neck and bag of gizzards as Laura yukked behind me.

"If you like it then you shoulda put a wing on it, oh oh oh ..."

We always let the turkey have his day in the sun by placing him in different poses and taking pictures of him. We're a weird bunch.

I like to lift the breast skin from the meat and place several pats of butter there. It really helps keep the breast nice and moist during cooking.

Now it looks like the poor guy broke out in hives.

The bird is in the pan and has been properly seasoned with salt and pepper (or any choice of rubs ).

He's all wrapped in foil and placed in a 225 degree oven to cook slowly overnight. I know I could start him at a higher heat in the morning but I've always loved to do it this way. The bird comes out very moist and the house smells incredible upon awaking.

Good morning ! After a good night's sleep, I check him out. Yep, cooking nicely and now ready to start basting with the juices. At this point I raise the temperature to 325 until he's done. The last half hour I baste him with melted butter to insure he gets nice and golden.

Here are some random little smokies I had heating up for pre-dinner pickies. They're already cooked and I heat them in equal parts barbecue sauce and grape jelly. Yummy.

I'm starting my french meat stuffing by cooking some ground pork till it's no longer pink. Then I'll mix it with my stuffing mix and cook further.

These get used to make my stuffing, always, Bell's stuffing mix plus Bell's seasoning.

This is a picture of two impatient kitties waiting for the bird, our cat Chips (low) and Mallory's cat Bells (high). You'll be pleased to know they both got their own Thanksgiving plates.

Look at this beauty. Believe me, it tasted as good as it looks.

Delicious stuffing ready to go.

Beauteous bounty. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, mashed turnips & carrots, corn, hot rolls, sandwich rolls, chips, pickles, olives and cranberry sauce. For starters, lil' smokies and dip with baby carrots and pita chips. For dessert, apple and chocolate cream pies. Oh yeah, and mints.

All the cooking, cleaning and shopping was a lot of work. But having all the family over to enjoy an amazing meal ....priceless....and I feel truly blessed.

New England Bites hopes every one of our friends and fans had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

P.S. - Mr. Buddy Love still did not get any pie. 

Thanks for the pic, Joy!

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