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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pick-up Possibilities: New Boston Bakery

Look what we brought home!

After having a minor surgical procedure (and feeling blue), Laura and I dropped by one of our favorite bakeries - New Boston Bakery.  Way to cheer me up, Laura!  She went inside to choose a few of their freshly baked goodies. Then we raced home.

Since I hadn't seen what she'd chosen, it was like Christmas morning opening the presents. Ooh, she chose good!  There was a slice of chocolate cream pie, a chocolate tunnel, a blondie, and an apple cream turnover.

THE VERDICT:  Amazing! The pastries here are always unique and delicious and these were no different. The pie had a tasty cocoa under-taste. Both the turnover and tunnel had great flaky pastry shells, and the brownie had a wonderful flavor of walnuts.

Everything was so good, I almost forgot I'd just had surgery ... almost.

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