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Monday, February 13, 2012

Help Luke raise $2k for his needed surgery!

**Thank you to all who donated.  Luke is recovering very well after his much needed surgery.**

From a fan of New England Bites:

"My name is Helen M., and I'm trying to help a single mom with a set of twin boys and a 8 year old autistic son. We both heard of a case of 3 pit bull puppies that need permanent homes, and needed to be rescued from NY crack house while the owner was jailed. The dogs were left alone, until a neighbor realized momma dog was alone with no human to care for, got into the apartment and rescued the pups before the authorities got to them. Through the goodness of different people from NY to the Cape, they were rescued at 4 weeks of age. The 3 pit pups were fostered by an angel, Cynthia M. She cared for these 3 bundles of joy until they were ready to be placed. We decided to take a girl, since we had 2 small dogs. The brutt of the bunch, named Bruno, went to a single woman who works from her car doing sales calls, and Bruno travels with her. The 3rd pup, nicknamed, p'nut, was rescued by a woman named Heather M. When Heather's boys met p'nut, especially the son with autism, it was love at first site. Her son actually began coming out of his quiet world with his new pup. Funny thing is they were born September 11, 2011! Well her 3 boys decided to call their pup "Luke Skywalker!" He's been such a pleasure to this little family, changed the dynamics totally for the better. Well, when Heather first brought Luke for his puppy shots, the vet told her he had a slight heart murmur, on a scale of 1-6, he was a 1 to a 1 1/2. That was acceptable, considering his age, would probably outgrow it. Well, unfortunately, he hasn't and it has gotten worst. This past week, he was taken again to the vets for booster vaccinations, he was closer to 6 on the scale, not expecting to live without surgical intervention. Please go to her Facebook page, Heather M., and she tells her story. Of course, money is very tight, and different people have donated some funds, but without this surgery, this puppy is going to die. He needs this surgery to continue making this family happy and joyful. He's a beautiful boy, Heather has his pictures on her page. We have Luke's sister, Gemma, and she is one incredible pup, as well. She is happy and healthy, but that doesn't help this little family. I know times are tuff for everyone, but his surgery is going to cost $3,000, approx. I know folks have donated what they can, but we are in the final stretch to get this surgery done. I've never asked for anything from anyone, but, I feel I need to share this sad story to you , and maybe there is a way you can help this family. The surgery is going to be done at New Orleans animal hospital, 508-255-1194 to verify his status. Please, if there is anything you can do to help, it would be greatly appreciated, even a little help would make it a little easier on Heather and her family. Please.  He is such a good boy, and has brought so much happiness, he deserves to have a chance in life with his boys .... http://skywalker2011.chipin.com/skywalkers-pda-surgery"