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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Taphouse Grille

159 South Main St.
Fall River, MA  02721
(508) 679-9500

February 11, 2014

Today felt like a drinks and apps day, so where better to get those things than right in our own backyard!

People have been raving about Taphouse Grille for years, but Mom and I had never been.  After finally having lunch here, we realized that we had been missing out on many a scrumptious meal.

We were lucky enough to find a parking spot right in front of the restaurant, which is located right across the street from the Fall River Justice Center.  Mom and I took that as a sign that we were going to have a great time at Taphouse, and we were right!

Taphouse Grille is a modern pub with a beautiful bar area, several cozy booths and banquettes along the walls, and many tables and chairs for you to choose from.  Above each booth and scattered throughout the restaurant are flat screen TVs for you to watch while you’re having your meal.  A lot of people may not think much of Fall River’s downtown area, but stepping inside Taphouse is like being transported to a more upscale part of town.

Our waiter – Jeff – brought over the food and drink menus.  Mom decided on a cappuccino martini ($7.50) and I spotted sangria on the list.  Since I’d never had sangria before, I had to enlist Jeff’s help.  He suggested the watermelon sangria ($6.50) and I’m so glad he did.  This zestful drink served with skewered fruit tasted exactly like a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy.  I absolutely loved it.  Mom – who loves all things coffee – really enjoyed her choice of beverage as well.

For our meal we decided to get three appetizers: mozzarella and basil stuffed meatballs ($6.99), Italian breaded ravioli ($7.25) and boneless buffalo chicken wings ($8.99).  The food came out fast and Jeff warned us to be careful of the baked meatballs served in the still-bubbling crock of spicy Arrabiatta sauce.

We decided to start with the ravioli, which were deep fried pillows stuffed with cheese and served with a side of Pomodoro sauce for dipping.  They were very tasty (the filling was so fresh!) and quite addictive.  Although the menu stated that the filling was a mozzarella cheese, Mom and I both thought it tasted and looked more like a ricotta/mozzarella blend.

Mom and I moved onto the large boneless chicken wings doused in a tangy buffalo sauce and accompanied by a cup of blue cheese.  The wings were tender and juicy and the sauce had a great kick to it, but was not overwhelming.

Finally, after the meatballs had cooled down just a little bit, Mom and I each plopped one onto our plate and dug in.  The meat was cooked perfectly and had a wonderful flavor.  The meatballs were overstuffed with deliciously fresh basil and mozzarella cheese which you could taste in every bite.  They were huge and the sauce used was very fragrant and flavorful.

With all of the meat and cheese we had just consumed, Mom and I felt like a pair of stuffed meatballs.  We were happy and full and so glad that we finally decided to try Taphouse Grille.  Our bill came to $38.86 and we thanked Jeff for his excellent service and his help with my drink choice.  Please be sure to view the menu by clicking here.  The restroom, like the restaurant itself, was immaculate.

Mom and I will definitely be back to this local gem.  I hope my next jury duty appointment is in Fall River so that I can just walk across the street and load up on Taphouse Grille’s many different lunch options.  You know a restaurant is good when people actually look forward to going to court!

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