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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Billy Boy Candies

732 Mount Pleasant St.
New Bedford, MA 02745

Mom and I are both in love with Billy Boy Candies. Although I had worked right next door to this place for almost two years, I only just went inside this past spring. Boy, was I surprised at their vast and unique selection of modern and nostalgic candies and treats. Mom always tells me that she feels like she's stepping into a time machine headed back to her childhood days.

Billy's is not much to look at. Although it does have quite a large parking lot, the exterior is very average. However, once you step through the small door, you are greeted by a colorful world of lollipops, homemade chocolates, stuffed animals, and rows and rows of candy.

I'd love to come here before a movie to stock up on treats. There is just so much to choose from, and everything is quite inexpensive. You can buy candy in bulk or in smaller individual packages. I was surprised to see that there were items at Billy's that are usually hard to find like Chunky bars, Vanilla Tootsie Rolls (a personal favorite), and Airheads. Billy Boy has rows of regular candy bars and exclusive choices like the Cookies 'n' Creme Hershey Bar and the Peanut Butter Twix. They also have bags of old favorites like Mary Janes, Squirrel Nuts, Chocolate Babies, Nonpareils, Sour Patch Kids, Boston Baked Beans, Mint Juleps, Maple Nuts, Red Hot Dollars, Black Crows, and much more! There are mints, licorice sticks, rock candy, penny candy, chocolate coins, candy cigarettes, Fun Dip, Lemonheads (and other flavors of "Heads"), chocolate covered cherries, and hundreds of different types of gum. Unusual to this type of candy warehouse, Billy Boy has a large counter at the front of the store filled with homemade goods like fudge, kisses, and nut-filled turtles. On our first few visits, Mom and I ordered white chocolate kisses and a white chocolate caramel cashew turtle. Both were out of this world. The chocolate was creamy, smooth, and not overly sweet. It was heavenly!

On this visit, Mom and I decided to pick up some usual favorites along with a few things that Mom used to have as a kid, but I had never tried. We bought smooth and melty mints (a pastel nonpareil with a creamy mint taste), Ice Cubes (my father's favorite), Airheads (my sister's favorite), Mint Juleps (a mint-flavored square taffy), and Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones, which were absolutely delicious and looked just like a mini-replica of a real cone.

Billy's is kept very neat and clean, and the staff is very polite. The place is usually packed, but luckily for us there were only a few scattered customers during our visit, which was at around 2 p.m. The ready-made packages that the staff create are beautiful, and they've really taken the time to make a plain store interior into something that's quite attractive. Mom and I took our goodies up to the front counter to pay for them. While we were there, we saw these homemade "Deviled Eggs," which were actually white chocolates made into the shape of deviled eggs. They looked so real! Here is a rundown of our receipt:

$2.99 - smooth & melty mints
4.78 - Ice Cubes (2 @ 2.39 ea.)
1.30 - Ice Cream Cones (2 @ .65 ea.)
1.99 - Mint Julep
1.49 - Airheads
Subtotal - $12.55
Tax - 0.00
TOTAL = $12.55

For a big bag of candy, that wasn't much. Mom and I bid farewell to the cashier and walked to the car. During our Saturday outing, we periodically reached into our goody bag to munch on an Ice Cream cone or a Mint Julep. Everything was delicious, and we can't wait to go back for more. Billy Boy Candies is a fantastic place to stock up on all your holiday and everyday treats, and to reacquaint yourself with some of your edible childhood favorites.