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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Grocery Store is one of our favorite stops when visiting Hyannis, MA. Although they have several locations, Mom and I have only visited this location nestled inside the Christmas Tree Shop plaza. It is always crowded with busy shoppers and tourists looking to find some eclectic and unusual organic and imported foods.

<When we first walked in at around 4 p.m., we were greeted with a large assortment of beautiful flowers and plants, some which we had never seen before. They all looked healthy and fresh. We then found ourselves in Trader Joe's large produce section. Everything was clean and bright, and all the colors of the produce stood out against the wood shelving.

Trader Joe's has a wide assortment of organic and imported items that you don't see in your everyday grocery store. The prices are very reasonable for these sort of foods, and one could really take advantage and do their weekly grocery shopping here. The store itself is not very big, but it does have a small selection of everything including meats, dairy, seafood, produce, frozen foods, and other grocery items. They have a large selection of bottled waters and a vitamin section with a lot of supplements and energy bars. Their frozen section has a lot of Asian entrees as well as some gourmet pizzas that Mom read were delicious. Our particular favorites have always been the chocolate croissants, and the white corn tortilla chips with the roasted garlic salsa. Free samples of various items are given away at a back counter. We often see people walking around the store with tiny cups of coffee or small snacks.

The checkout system here is different. You roll your cart up to where the cashier stands. He empties your items onto the checkout platform while ringing them up, and then takes your cart and pushes it to the end of the counter. Then he/she bags your order in these pretty paper reusable bags with very hearty handles. Mom loves these! We always end up coming out with a bag full. Here is a rundown of what we purchased yesterday:

Pirate's Booty - $1.69

Restaurant-style white chips - 1.69

Shortbread chocolate filled butter cookies - 3.99

Roasted garlic salsa - 1.99

TJ's chocolate croissants 3 pk - 2.99

TJ's chocolate croissants 3 pk - 2.99

Peanuts, raw/unsalted - 1.89

TOTAL = $17.23

You won't find prices like this at Stop & Shop. It was a great visit, as always, and we can't wait to go back. Nothing beats those chocolate croissants!