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Friday, July 18, 2008

Wood's Premium Ice Cream

Adamsville Road
Westport, MA 02790

UPDATE: Since our first visit, Mom and I have been back to Wood's many times. We've tried several different flavors, including coffee, wicked good chocolate, Maine deer tracks, and chocolate peanut butter cup yogurt. Each one has been better than the next. Mom said the coffee is the best that she's ever had, and if you know anything about Mom, you know that she adores coffee ice cream. I felt the same way when I tasted the wicked good chocolate, which came highly recommended by a fan. Speaking of fans, a lovely lady named Chandra - who found Wood's through this very Web site - has informed us that Wood's gets its ice cream from Gifford's of Maine, a supplier for many local ice cream stands and stores. We can't wait to return.


Date: 7/5/2008

When we started New England Bites, Mom and I never expected the outpouring of love and fantastic recommendations that we would receive from our readers. Whether they've seen our signs hanging up in local restaurants or come across our site accidentally, our loyal fans have given us many a great suggestion. Take Heidi, for example. With the click of an e-mail, this fan sent Mom and I driving through the beautiful country roads of Westport to taste some of the best ice cream she has ever had - and we completely agree with her. Wood's Premium Ice Cream stand is just about a quarter mile away from the junction of Main and Adamsville Roads and situated on a beautiful farm. Mom and I excitedly pulled into the gravel parking lot at just around 6:45 p.m.

The first thing we noticed is a sign asking patrons to park their cars on a large cement patch, which unfortunately only fits about four of five cars. Apparently after the lot is filled, you can park in the dirt. After backing into a space, Mom and I got out and decided to visit the goats and chickens that were in the nearby pens. We also spotted a sign on a large fence that warned customers to beware of the donkeys - they may bite. Although we didn't see any donkeys, we did come into contact with four very friendly goats. After they posed for a few photos, I turned my attention to the large chickens who really didn't seem interested in getting their picture taken. Still taking in the beautiful country scenery, Mom and I trudged up the grassy hill to the stand's large window. We first had to take a look at their flavors, but Heidi mentioned that everything was delicious at Wood's. Since we had eaten a late lunch, I settled on a small cup of Maine maple walnut ($2.50), and Mom chose a small cup of frozen pudding ($2.50). Yes - frozen pudding. Can you believe it? I was so proud of her for being adventurous, but at the same token was a little nervous because if she didn't like it, surely it was somehow going to be my fault. The girl at the window - with the squeakiest voice I've ever heard - gave me a total of $5. Heidi was right! The ice cream was very inexpensive, and considering our shock when we saw the size of the small cups, you definitely get your money's worth.

(L) Maine maple walnut; (R) frozen pudding

Although there were a few picnic benches and chairs scattered throughout the grounds, Mom and I chose to eat our dairy delights in the car. When we took our first bite, my immediate thought was, "I have to thank Ms. Heidi for this one." My Maine maple walnut was chock full of walnuts - and chock full of flavor as well! Normally maple walnut ice cream can be a bit on the sweet side, but this ice cream had a great consistency, was cool and creamy, and had just the right amount of maple flavoring. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Mom eating her ice cream. Since I was too busy stuffing my own face, I didn't notice if she was glowing with joy, or boiling with hate. Thankfully, it was a joyous moment for Mom. She chose something different, and it turned out to be a delightful surprise. The butter rum flavored ice cream was sprinkled with bits of candied fruit, which did not overwhelm the dessert. Mom said it was rich, creamy, and not overly sweet. She also agreed that Wood's Premium Ice Cream is obviously top quality. No freezer burn or dense pieces here!

Since there is virtually nothing available on the Internet about Wood's Ice Cream, I've decided to list their entire menu. Flavors include mint chocolate chip, mocha chip, blue ribbon strawberry, old fashioned vanilla, moose tracks, cotton candy, wicked good chocolate, Maine deer tracks, bear claws, coffee, lobster tracks, orange sherbet, Almond Joy, chocolate peanut butter cup yogurt, black raspberry chocolate chip yogurt, butter pecan, black raspberry, cake batter, cookies n' cream, caramel caribou, orange pineapple, pink peppermint stick, mint chocolate chip, pistachio nut, chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter, Maine black bear, cookie dough, Mississippi mud, and vanilla raspberry swirl with no fat and no added sugar. Ice cream treats include cones/cups ($2.50-3.25), sundaes ($3.75), malted frappes ($4.25), freezes ($3), banana splits ($4.50), floats ($3), frappes ($4), and quarts ($6.50).

After saying goodbye to the goats, and goodbye to our empty ice cream cups, Mom and I proceeded to drive out of the parking lot. As we were pulling away, we both noticed that Wood's was established in 1900. Now, I assume they mean that the farm was established 108 years ago, but it figures that Mom and I would only just be finding out about something that's been around all that time. We need to get out more, and perhaps revisiting Wood's Premium Ice Cream can be our incentive. Thanks again, Heidi!

Wood's Premium Ice Cream is open daily from 1-9 p.m.