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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bite of the Week - Perdue Oven Ready Roaster

My mom likes to cook, but sometimes she prefers to use a shortcut. Last night at the grocery store, she picked up a Perdue Oven Ready Roaster ($8.99), which is a complete six pound chicken in a bag that cooks for 90 minutes. There is no prep work needed, and all the giblets and neck have been removed. She spotted it in the store flyer during the week and couldn't wait to try it. Well, tonight was the night.

THE VERDICT: Excellent! Besides being extremely easy, we found the chicken to be very moist, well cooked, and nicely seasoned. Not having to clean or pre-season it was a great help, and the cooking time was right on target - it really did take just 90 minutes to make. Even my dad, who usually doesn't like chicken, thought this one was great and scarfed it down. We were surprised at how much meat came off the bird. Mom would definitely buy this again.

Going in the oven.

Coming out. Mmm ... mmm ... good!