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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bite of the Week - Tribe Hummus & Crackers

I have fallen in love with hummus. I don't know if it's the chick pea base, or the delicious flavors that it comes in, but whatever it is, I'm hooked! I think I've tried just about every flavor from every company, but in particular I like the new Tribe snack packs ($1.29), which come with crackers for scooping. It saves me from buying a whole tub of hummus and eating the entire thing in one sitting. It also allows me to take my hummus to work so that I could have a chick pea fix on my break.

THE VERDICT: Delicious! My only complaint is that there aren't enough crackers. They only provide four, so you really have to lather the hummus on thick if you want to eat the entire container - and who doesn't want to eat the whole thing?. The Tribe snack packs come in regular, roasted red pepper (my favorite), roasted garlic, and 40 spices, which is extremely spicy (go figure)! I'm sure there are other flavors, but these are the only four that I have seen at Stop & Shop. They can be found where the regular tubs of hummus are kept, and I think that they really help me to control my hummus intake and provide a healthy snack at the same time. I just love it!