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Sunday, October 5, 2008

(Non) Bite of the Week - Debbie Meyer Bags

Mom first saw these bags on a TV infomercial, but didn't put much thought into them. She's been let down before with these "As Seen on TV" products. However, since one of her pet peeves is not being able to keep fruits and veggies fresh for very long, she decided to give the bags a try. She bought the green bags first (for fruits and veggies) and - to her amazement - they actually worked!
THE VERDICT: They're terrific! The bags actually do make the fruits and vegetables last well over a week longer then they normally would have. We've kept bananas fresh for a week and a half, and we've even had a head of lettuce stay fresh for almost a month! Even cut vegetables have lasted longer and remained nice and firm. Mom was so impressed by the green bags that she purchased the bread and cold cut bags (we did not purchase the cheese bags as we do not buy cheese in bulk). Although she has not yet tried the cold cut bags, she has been using the bread bags and they are fantastic. Everything stays fresher for a longer period of time. She would definitely recommend these bags to anyone who hates throwing their money away. If you're put off by the price ($10 a box), don't forget - they're reusable. You can use the bags up to 10 times each. All you have to do give them a rinse and let them dry. You're really getting your money's worth, especially since the bags let you get more use out of your food. Debbie Meyer, whoever you are, you make one Hell of a bag. A+!