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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Collucci's 4 Bros. Bistro

183 Route 28
West Yarmouth, MA 02673
(508) 771-0799

Since we were supposed to try the new Collucci Brothers location last week - and ended up passing the place not once, but twice - Mom and I were determined to get there today. We've been obsessed with the place ever since we saw them win the meatloaf challenge on the Food Network's Throwdown! with Bobby Flay. They've also been featured on The Phantom Gourmet, but the Phantom hasn't visited the Collucci's since they moved from a diner to a spot in The Cove Resort at Yarmouth. Mom and I decided that we should be the first ones (that we know of) to review them in their new digs. We pulled into the resort parking lot at around 4:30 p.m.

Small, thin 4 Bros. sign seen from the street.

Main entrance.

At first we were a little confused as to how to get inside. However, after Mom suggested that we just go in through the main entrance (duh), we spotted an elevator with a 4 Bros. logo and a sign that instructed us to visit them on the second floor. The elevator let us off directly in the dimly lit dining room where we were soon greeted by our waitress, Kelly, who was awesome from start to finish. She asked us if we would like to be seated overlooking the pool. I said yes right away, but was confused because I had forgotten that we were dining in a resort. As soon as we got closer to our table (I believe we were the only people in the dining area), I knew what she meant. There were about six or seven tables that were on a balcony that overlooked the resort's large pool. Kelly joked that the pool - or rather the people swimming in it - provided a lot of entertainment for the diners. She left us with two large menus to look over while she retrieved our drinks - diet cola (I'm not sure whether it was Coke or Pepsi) - which arrived in real glasses. After giving us a few minutes to narrow down our choices, Kelly returned to take our order. Mom chose the "Throwdown" meatloaf Italia ($14.99), which was a necessity since meatloaf is what the Collucci's are famous for, and I chose Rocco's famous grilled steak tips ($14.99) cooked medium well. With our meals, Mom had a pasta option in which she chose spaghetti, and I had a potato and vegetable option in which I chose fries and cole slaw. Both Mom and I have been overdosing on seafood lately, so now was the perfect opportunity to have some good meat dishes. Kelly left Mom and I alone to check out the rest of the dining room, and to watch a bunch of little kids - and a guy with moobs (man boobs) - splash around in the pool.

Our best shot of the dining room.

The awesome view of the pool.

Some other tables on the balcony.

The dining area was really pretty. Since the customers were still outside catching some rays, we were able to have the area to ourselves. It's a very simple setup - wooden booths and tables with hanging lights around the balcony area. What we saw of the bar consisted of a few flat screen TVs and several windows overlooking Route 28. There was a tea light candle on each table and because it was dimly lit, it gave the room a very cozy but elegant feel. The food is really the star at 4 Bros. Bistro. There is so much to choose from that it took Mom and I a while to narrow down what we wanted to try. Since the meatloaf is famous, you can have it several different ways: regular, Italian style, in a sandwich, and - believe it or not - on a pizza! There are also several other sandwiches, seafood choices (lobsters, etc.), meats, pizzas, and appetizers that were priced accordingly for the portion size and location of the restaurant.

When our food arrived, Mom noticed that her meatloaf Italia was a more than generous serving. Sitting on top of a good portion of spaghetti with delicious homemade sauce was four large slices of their famous meatloaf. This portion was definitely enough for two. The meal was also accompanied by two small slices of very tasty, buttery garlic bread. Mom couldn't wait to dig in, and when she did, she found that it was worth the double trip to West Yarmouth. The meatloaf was very nicely spiced, and you could see lots of chunks of different veggies disbursed throughout the meat. The texture was terrific. Some meatloaves absolutely fall apart when you slice into them. This one stayed firm enough to be sliced into wonderful sandwiches, and even though it was firm, it was still deliciously tender. It was really a wonderful dish. Because Mom couldn't finish all of the meatloaf, she brought two slices home to Dad (we keep a cooler in the car - what pigs), who kept asking for more. Sorry, Dad. Maybe next time!

My food was really delicious as well. Although my steak tips were cooked medium well, I found them to be a little on the chewy side. However, I don't think this was anyone's fault. I am really weird about my meat texture, which is why I rarely order steak even though it's sooooo good. If I get a piece of chewy meat in my mouth, the meal is over. Thankfully, I was able to thwart any sensation to gag by throwing in a fry every time my mouth found an unsavory piece. The tips had a great smokey flavor and I loved the darkened grill marks on each slice. The fries were plentiful and tasty, and the cole slaw was surprisingly delicious. It tasted like it was made with a yogurt base. It was definitely a great meal and I can see why it is a Collucci's Brothers favorite.

After Mom and I stuffed ourselves, Kelly came over to wrap Mom's meatloaf and clear away our plates. When she returned with the meatloaf safely in a Styrofoam container, she brought over the bill. The total came to:

1 Italian meatloaf - $14.99

1 steak tips - 14.99

2 soda - 3.80

Subtotal - $33.78

Tax - 1.69

TOTAL = $35.47

We left $43 on the table (including 20% tip) for Kelly, who was an excellent waitress. Before leaving, she tried to convince Mom and I to come back for the bistro's karaoke night. Mom told her that she should be thankful that we wouldn't be taking her up on that offer. I couldn't imagine Mom or I getting up there and screeching out songs like "Waterloo" by ABBA or "Dark Lady" by Cher. Yikes. On our way out, we paid a visit to the restroom which was spotless. As we headed toward the elevator that would take us back down to the resort's lobby, a gentleman wished us well. When Mom turned around, she realized that it was one of the Collucci Brothers. The whole ride down in the elevator I heard about how she talked to an actual Collucci. That's pretty cool because I'm sure they've definitely become local celebrities after kicking Bobby Flay's butt on national TV.

It's a shame that the 4 Bros. Bistro is so far away, but it gives us something to look forward to when Mom and I are tearing up Cape Cod. Full from our meal, and exhausted from having shopped at the Antique Center of Yarmouth before eating, we headed back to Fall River. Both Mom and I are very glad to have had lunch at the Collucci-owned restaurant, and we can see why their meatloaf episode is a fan favorite. The food is great, the bistro is beautiful, and it's great to see the good that comes from a family working together.

Collucci's 4 Bros. Bistro is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m., and at 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday for breakfast. Lunch is served from 11:30 a.m. and dinner is served at 4 p.m.