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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bite of the Week - Ciao Bella Malted Milk Ball Gelato

WOW ....what a head - turning week for us . It seems that all the gourmet ice cream companies have launched their new " Spring " flavors . Haagen-Daz .....Ben & Jerry .......and the new ( to us ) Ciao Bella ....all are showing colorful new cartons in our local markets . We're spinning ourselves silly in front of the freezers trying to decide which flavor to try next .

For her first taste treat , Laura decided to try the " MALTED MILK GELATO " by the unknown to us ...CIAO BELLA . It sounded delicious by the carton description and she couldn't wait to get it home . Once she did .....she declared it fantastic . It was a smooth and creamy gelato that really tasted like a malted milk ball with every spoonful . Plus there were tiny pieces of the real candy dispersed throughout ......but not TOO many .The gelato remained mostly a really smooth treat .

VERDICT .....HIGHLY recommended by Laura . She can't wait to get this flavor again . But first , she has about a dozen NEW flavors to go through .....go Laura .....go Laura .....go Laura ..........

Oh , and why is Laura not writing this review . She said she has no (BRAINS) THOUGHTS in her head this week . Thank God for MAMA ...................................

CIAO BELLA MALTED MILK GELATO .......$4+ at Stop & Shop.