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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nancy's Bakery

943 County St .
Somerset, MA  02726
(508) 676-3476

If you've been reading our BEST OF : Pastry Shops list ( and why haven't you ? ) you've seen NANCY'S BAKERY come up with quite a few winners . But we'd never done a FORMAL review of NANCY'S .......until NOW ! So here it is ....hang on to your hats .....it's going to be a bumpy ride ..... ( sorry Bette ) . LOL

We drove into NANCY'S lot around 3:00pm. on a VERY rainy Saturday (March 27th) . We were the only ones there ..... we were the only ones almost everywhere on THIS day . So we had the whole place to ourselves to look around . Good . Actually it's easy to look around NANCY'S because it is one large open room . It's very neat and clean and always decorated for each season or holiday . Very cute . They have several glass cases filled with all manner of bakery shop delights .....cookies , muffins , squares , cakes & cupcakes , cream pastries etc. etc. Everything looked delicious . But since we'd been to NANCY'S several times ....we knew exactly what we were here for .......LEMON SQUARES . NANCY'S makes the best lemon squares around . The pastry part is nice & flakey and the filling is thick and ...well....lemony . I love that you don't have to " look for " the filling like with some squares . Plus it's just the right amount of lemony ...not too sweet and not too tart . They're perfect . So we picked out 2 lemon squares and decided to try an apple and a fig square also . On to the muffins . We've bought muffins here before .....and have talked about them ever since . LOL They're BIG and they have a BIG TASTE . They have many different flavors but this day we bought an apple , strawberry , banana nut and pistacchio muffin . We saved these for breakfast the next day .....I couldn't wait . I was going to tell the very nice lady waiting on us ......THAT'S IT ! ....but then I saw the cookies . All kinds of BIG , tasty looking cookies . So I told her to throw in 2 chocolate chip . Laura and I wouldn't be having dinner for a couple of hours so I figured these would sustain us .....and keep us from killing each other . LOL

VERDICT .......FANTASTIC . I knew those cookies looked good ....they were . Crisp around the edges ( which I love ) and soft melty chocolate inside . They were cookie perfection . Laura went a couple of days later and bought 8 more ( different flavors ) and all were a bite of bliss . Our muffin purchase was also a success . Even though very large , they all were so moist and very very flavorfull . These are some of the best muffins around ( that's why they're on our list ......READ IT ! ) . And the squares ....oh those squares ....the apple and fig were just as flakey and flavorfull as the lemon ones ( but I still dream about the lemon ) .

So all in all it was a very successful pastry run . Everything we bought that day was outstanding . If I have one complaint with NANCY'S it's about the cream pastries ......and NOT the pastry part ....but the cream . WHAT IS THAT STUFF ? IT AIN'T CREAM ! If you've read our site you know we are cream pastry nuts . We've traveled 2 hours to get a real cream lobster tail , horn or donut .....but that cream is sooooo different than NANCY'S . NANCY'S cream seems pouffed up or mixed with confectioner's sugar or whipped up with " something " ( I can't put my finger on it ) but it makes for a " funky" cream-fluff-like filling for an otherwise fine pastry . Some people may like it ...but having tasted REAL real cream pastries ...I find it a little off-putting . Fix the cream ....and the pastries will be as good as everything else in the shop .

So get yourselves to NANCY'S . Buy some cookies for the kids , muffins for breakfast and pastries for your guests ....but leave the lemon squares ....they're mine .

For 4 muffins .....4 squares ....and 2 cookies ....it cost : $ 12.00.

NANCY'S BAKERY is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday.