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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Georgio's Steak House

1881 County St.
Dighton, MA  02715
(508) 669-5323  

April 21, 2010

On a very dreary Saturday , that looked like it would rain at any minute , Laura & I decided a movie was in order . That was after a nice lunch ....of course ( wouldn't want to sit in the movie with a growling tummy ). So we decided to go see THE GHOST WRITER at the Swansea Cinema and first have lunch at GEORGIO'S STEAKHOUSE in Dighton .

We'd been to GEORGIO'S before and really enjoyed it and vowed to be back . So , here we were . We arrived around 3:15 and could pretty much park where we wanted . They have a nice sized lot plus they seemed pretty empty . We went inside to find that, besides 2 other tables of diners , we were the only ones there . That's OK ....we LOVE a quiet lunch . As we perused the menu , we looked around . GEORGIO'S is all wooden booths and dark walls and a large fireplace against the back wall . It's intimate and comfy . They have a list of desserts written on 2 mirrors in the front of the restaurant .....cute .

When our waitress came over we ordered 2 Diet Cokes . Then when she returned with them we gave her our order . We decided to start with a platter of boneless buffalo wings . We hadn't had any in quite a while and I was really looking forward to them . Plus we ordered a linguica ( spicy Portuguese sausage ) and extra cheese pizza . It was going to be a SPICY lunch . Our waitress brought out 5 good-sized buffalo wings and Laura and I dug in . They were soooooo good .....hot & spicy and perfectly done . But HEY .....the heat really sneaks up on you . After thinking ...."not too bad " ....Laura and I were both digging ice out of our glasses . LOL They were delicious though and we ate them all with great gusto . A few minutes later our pizza arrived . It looked and smelled fantastic .....and it was . It was spicy and melty and cheesy all on top of a nice crisp crust . The crust was perfect ...not too thin or thick ...and firm enough to hold the toppings in place . What an excellent pizza . Laura and I ate all but 2 slices which we took with us ( hubby grabbed them when we got home and ate them cold .....and he LOVED them ) . I definitely want to get other pizzas from GEORGIO'S . Laura can't wait to try their GREEK . Hummmmm....since she goes right by here on Fridays ..............

GEORGIO'S has a very nice menu with some steaks , pasta , seafood and Greek dishes . Plus they have sandwiches and they're known for their great tasting pizzas . So take a nice ride out to Dighton and give GEORGIO'S a try . I know you won't be sorry .

2 Diet Cokes - $3
Boneless buffalo wings - 6.95
Linguica pizza with extra cheese - 7.95
Subtotal - $17.90
Tax - 1.13
TOTAL = $19.03

We left $ 24 ( 20% tip ) on the table for our great waitress then were off to catch the movie . Starting off to be a great day ! Hope the movie's good .

Georgio's Steak House is open from 11:30 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 12-9:45 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.  Georgio's is closed on Monday.