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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bite of the Week - POM Iced Coffee

For weeks now Laura and I have been seeing this cute little bottle of iced coffee in the fresh veggie aisle of our local STOP & SHOP . Why the fresh veggie aisle ? Beats me . I guess because it's where all the other POM products are showcased ( even though coffee's not a veggie .....is it ? ) . So there it sits with the POM and other specialty juices in their own little section . We've looked at it before but always put it back because it contains 30 grams of sugar per 10.5 oz.bottle . That's quite a bit . But our curiosity got the best of us and we decided to plunk down our hard-earned $ 2.99 and get us a bottle . LOL

The back of the bottle informs us that the POM iced coffee is chocked full of caffeine . In fact , it has 175 mg. of caffeine per bottle . THAT'S BUZZY !!! It is also fat-free and full of antioxidants like POM , which is listed as the ANTIOXIDANT SUPER EXTRACT . Plus they use RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED ARABICA BEANS . So if you need a caffeine boost , this is certainly a healthy and ethical way to get one . We tried the chocolate-flavored drink but they also have a regular variety . They just didn't have it on this day . LOL

VERDICT : Delicious ! Laura and I shared the bottle ( so we only got about 5 oz. each ) but what we tasted was GOOD . Chilled and poured over ice , this definitely makes a smooth and creamy treat with a nice caffeine jolt . Nice to keep in the house when you want that coffee flavor but don't feel like running out to the nearest coffee shop . I know I'll try some again . I just wish it wasn't $ 2.99 a pop . 

Visit their website at healthybuzz.com, and visit Menujoy.com for local restaurant menus.