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Friday, October 22, 2010

Surprise Bite of the Week - Phillips Candy House Halloween Treats

If you're a fan of this site, you've read about our love for Phillips Candy House in Boston, MA.  Last year I did a review of their superb pumpkin pie fudge, and a few weeks ago Mom did a review of their delicious chocolate dipped caramel apples.  Since we are on their mailing list, we received a press release a few days ago announcing their new Halloween chocolates - candy corn fudge, skull pops, chocolate witch hats, and chocolate-dipped marshmallow pumpkins.  I immediately wrote to the publicist asking for freebies, but I never heard anything back.  "Perhaps we wore out our welcome," I said.  Well, I was wrong.  Today, while I was in bed with a migraine, a box of deliciousness showed up at our house.  Inside was a package of chocolate-dipped marshmallow pumpkins and a very large milk chocolate witch's hat, which was decorated in a dark chocolate drizzle and candy corns.  The marshmallow pumpkins (think Peeps) were excellent, and the witch's hat (an upside down sugar cone dipped in chocolate) was phenomenal.  The chocolate has such a deep flavor and always stands out, no matter what it's covering.  What a lovely surprise this was.  Mom, Dad, and I devoured everything.  Thank you, Phillips!

For more information, visit PhillipsChocolates.com.