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Friday, March 18, 2011

Market Finds

It amazes me that no matter how many times I go to the market (and I've been going once a week for years), I always find either new products or those I haven't ever tried. Almost without fail, I bring home something new (to us) each shopping trip. On one recent trip, it seemed the market was teeming with products we've never tried. So of course, to help the economic climate (I'm such a good citizen), I bought a bunch of new "stuff".


Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto (click here to view the website) is a company that specializes in "made from scratch" gelatos and sorbettos. They're made in small batches with exotic ingredients and only recently appeared on our grocer's shelves. We were attracted by the novel container - a screw top jar that looks like a peanut butter jar. But inside ... oh my. Laura was the first to try one . She bought the sea salt caramel gelato pictured above. To say it was delicious is an understatement. It was one of the best tasting "ice cream-like" products I've ever had. Laura thought it was incredible and after I tasted hers I concurred, and then bought my own. Check out their website for a list of the amazing flavors they offer like toasted almond, white chocolate raspberry, black cherry, Caribbean coconut and several more. Their sorbettos include peach champagne, blood orange and more exotic flavors. Laura's sea salt caramel was so thick and creamy and yes, you could taste the butteriness of the caramel with a salty undertone; and no, it didn't taste like ice cream. It was unique, different and I can't wait to taste some more. Maybe double dark chocolate or caramel cookie crunch or ...


T.G.I. Friday's Potato Skins

Laura was looking around the market for an easy treat (you know Laura and cooking) and came upon the Friday's frozen appetizer section. Friday's has taken most of their most popular restaurant appetizers and boxed them up to offer you some great take home options. They offer buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and so much more. Check out the whole selection here on their website. Laura decided on the cheddar and bacon potato skins. All she had to do was put them on a sheet pan and bake.  She loved them. She said they had a good potato taste and of course the bacon and cheese added so much flavor. Only complaint was she wished there were a couple more in the box!


Newman's Own Thin & Crispy Pizza

Now here's a product I've gotten before and loved - Newman's Thin & Crispy Four Cheese Pizza. It doesn't have that cardboard-like taste that most frozen pizzas do. The crust is nice and thin, the sauce a mixture of sweet and spicy, and the cheese more "real " than the stringy mess that tops most frozen pies. Paul Newman was really into fresh and natural foods so you can count on his products being of a high quality. There are several varieties of his pizza which you can check out here on their website.  I love this pizza and if you haven't tried it yet I say give it a shot. It's really tasty.


Sara Lee Original Cream Cheesecake

Sara Lee has had frozen products in the market almost as long as there have been markets. Reknown for their baked goods, they have also ventured into deli meats and cheeses. But almost everyone I know has tried the original cheesecake. Recently they were on sale for $3.99 (not bad), so I bought one. It's been awhile since I had one but it tasted just as I remembered - cold, creamy and tasty. Does it taste like a thick, rich real New York style cheesecake?  Of course not. The filling is more cheesecake-like pudding with a cream-like topping in a graham cracker shell. Not a Junior's, but a nice, creamy, tasty dessert for anytime. Check out their website for more Sara Lee Cheesecake products.


Mama Rosie's Manicotti

I really like the Mama Rosie brand of frozen pastas. They have a very unfrozen-like taste when heated up. I often buy the cheese ravioli, put on my favorite sauce, sprinkle with some Parmesan cheese and voila - a really great tasting meal. However, on sale this week were the manicottis. I've bought these before and will buy them again; they're so good. They are eight nice-sized manicotti in a package. The pasta shells cook up perfectly al dente and they are filled completely with a delicious ricotta cheese mixture. All you do is cover with sauce and bake. Delicious. Check out their website here for more great products .


Entenmann's Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know that you know about the fabulous Entenmann products that are at the end of the bakery aisles in every supermarket. Cakes, donuts, danish, oh my ... a world of goodies. Well, they also have these little chocolate chip cookies that I had never tasted. So we brought home a box and dug in.  They were softer than I thought they would be. Truth be told I like a crisp cookie, but these had a nice chocolaty taste. Hubby, who loves soft cookies, scoffed these up. Entenmann's has such great products. Check them out here on their website.


Thomas's Hearty English Muffins

I love Thomas's English muffins. The original are my favorites but we've been venturing out into other varieties as well. That's how I came to try Thomas's Hearty Light Multi-Grain English Muffins. Wow, did English muffins get smaller? They were so small, but I guess that's how you keep the calorie count down. But how did they taste? Very good. They had a heavier, more whole-grain breadiness than the regular English muffin.  At a third more fiber and a third less calories, they can be part of a very healthy breakfast.  But don't burn your fingers trying to get them out of the toaster! Check out their website here for more varieties.

These were the products I found in just one week. The funny thing is, I know next week will bring me face to face with more new stuff. These companies ... I don't know how they do it, but I'm glad they do.

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