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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Original Italian Bakery

915 Atwood Avenue
Johnston, RI  02919
(401) 919-5777

May 5, 2012

Get the pizza chips. Did you get the pizza chips? Which pizza chips did you try? Don't forget to get a bag of pizza chips. Did you try them?

Wow, that's all I read when looking up The Original Italian Bakery. Why was I looking for an Italian bakery? If you know me, you don't have to ask. I love all things bakery, especially Italian ones. The breads, the cookies, the cannolis ... the cannolis ... the cannolis. Ahhh. So when I discovered the website (see above) for this place and perused their goodies, I wanted to make the trip to Johnston. Laura and I took note of their hours of operation, got the directions and off we went.

In the car we discussed the pizza chips. What were they exactly? Why did everyone deem them addictive? How many varieties were there? We would soon get all our questions answered.  We got there in no time. The online directions and our trusty GPS led us right there. It was right off the highway.

The place was small, neat and smelled wonderful. Even though we were there pretty late in the day, they still had plenty to choose from. They have breads and rolls and pizza in rounds, strips and sheets with toppings like mushrooms, eggplant, meatballs, pepperoni and much more. You can get calzones with pizza fillings or specials like spinach pie, chicken parmigiana, broccoli and cheese, sausage and peppers and much more. Cases were filled with wonderful pastries like cannolis, cookies, cupcakes, fruit tarts, wine biscuits, eclairs, squares and on and on. We surely wouldn't be able to decide.

Then there they were in bags on top of the cases - pizza chips. There were bags of white chips, red chips, pepperoni chips, jalepeno chips and other toppings too numerous to mention. What are these things? Well, it's hard to describe them but I'll try. They're like little squares of pizza crust with (or without) sauce and with a variety of toppings. They're dried until they can be stacked eight to a bag and sold to the lucky customers that lust after them. Now I'm crazy. With all the great variety before me, I went with the white chips. Crust and spices. How plain; how good. They are addictive, I don't know why. If you eat one, you will reach for another. I loved the white but I can't wait to go back and get one with red sauce.

When we first walked in one of the two lovely young women working happened to drop a huge tray. Of course it made a loud clanging noise. I inquired if she was OK - she was - and we instantly bonded. She waited on us as I placed my order. I took a long time to decide. She was very patient. I got the bag of white pizza chips, a wine biscuit, two cupcakes, four cannolis (two with chocolate dipped ends), a pepperoni and spinach calzone for Laura and two lemon squares. Everything looked so delicious. As I paid and got ready to leave, my new friend offered me a small pizza and a pizza round - for free. She said toward the end of the day they are allowed to give away things that can't keep. I think this is great. Not only because of the free food but because I hate to see good food wasted. Hats off to you Original Italian Bakery!

Delicious pastries. 

Free pizzas! 

Pepperoni and spinach calzone. 

The white pizza chips.

Soon we were on our way home with our treasures. Laura and I couldn't even wait and ate the cannolis in the car. They were amazing! The cream was nicely sweet and the shell had just enough give so as not to crack apart when bit into. Hubby devoured the pizza as soon as I set it down and loved it. The next day we tasted everything else and we were in love. Laura really enjoyed her tasty calzone.  I will definitely be going back to this fine Italian bakery, and sooner rather than later.

Our total cost for everything we bought was $18.38. Not bad for a box full of Heaven! Get there soon and get those pizza chips!  The Original Italian Bakery is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

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