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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Big Apple

207 Arnold St.
Wrentham, MA  02093
(508) 384-3055
September 15, 2012
Searching for something to do on a Saturday afternoon, I looked up farm stand/apple picking/bakery types of places and came up with The Big Apple. I never realized there was such a place near the huge Wrentham Outlets. So we set our trusty GPS and off we went. We decided to keep our whole day country themed by having lunch at the Cracker Barrel restaurant located right as you enter the outlets.
After a fabulous lunch, we arrived here :
We arrived around 4:15 p.m. How cute is this place? To our left were the apple orchards, covered in some blue netting, to keep off bugs maybe? We walked up to the barn to see what goodies were packed inside. Oh, the smells. To our left was the bakery and the smell of fresh, hot, homemade donuts permeated the air. I wasn't leaving without some. Alas, I would have to wait for more being made. In the meantime we looked at beautiful apple pies and crisps, turnovers and muffins and many other fresh pastries, some still warm. If you want some to travel, however, they have frozen pies etc. for you to pack up and take along.

Still waiting for our donuts, we perused the displays of fresh fruits and veggies. We were at an apple orchard so I wanted to get some apples, right? Well, it was late in the day and all that was left were very large bags of apples that were too large for my little family. Instead I picked up some pears, peaches and some great-looking corn. There were plenty of other fruits and veggies to chose from also. At this point let me say, on this particular day, at this particular time, it was very hard to see everything because the store was so crowded. At these family friendly places there are always a lot of, well, families. There are tons of kids roaming around and it's hard to see everything the store has on display. So click into the link above to see everything offered.

The donuts are done! That smell compelled everyone in the store to run to the bakery section. Let me say I'm sorry to any little kids whose toes I stepped on running for the donuts. Wow, the whole store was on this side. But I was patient, waited, and I got six donuts taken off a fresh tray. Oh, they were hot and I couldn't wait to taste one. I knew we'd be trying one as soon as we hit the car. And we did.
They were small and thin with a crisp outside and a soft tender inside and were absolutely delicious. I should have gotten more. We both ate two in a blink of the eye.
Before this donut eating however, we did pay for our purchases. As we were standing in line I noticed the room with the candy-apple making kits and the homemade jams and various kitchen gadgets. They also had a nice display of boxed fudge and candies by the registers. This place has a little of everything.
For our corn, pears, peaches and six donuts we paid under $17. Not bad.
But we weren't done yet. Outside of the barn is an ice cream stand that has all your cone, frappe and sundae desires. They also have fat-free yogurt, sugar-free ice cream and sherbet. We were going to go check it out but we couldn't get near the place. Seems everyone wanted ice cream, so we took this picture from a distance.
I really enjoyed coming here but I'd like to return during the week. I think it won't be as frantic and maybe I can look around more, and do more damage to my wallet. Plus, I've got to get my hands (teeth) on more of those donuts and an apple crisp.
For directions, hours and special events ( pumpkin house, hayrides, etc. ) check out their website, link above.
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