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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Food Finds: Stoughton & Wrentham, MA; Cumberland & West Warwick, RI

Town Spa Pizza, 1119 Washington St., Stoughton, MA

Famous for its "bar pie" type pizza.
A very casual setting with great service.

(L) Extra cheese; (R) Pepperoni - Both were excellent!
Hilliard's House of Candy, 316 Main St., Easton, MA
A giant box of chocolates on the roof!

Delicious white chocolate peanut butter cups.

A bag of their famous almond toffee crunch.

Phantom Farms, 2920 Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, RI

Decorated beautifully for fall.

So many delicious baked goods.

Their famous pumpkin mousse roll.

The Big Apple, 207 Arnold St., Wrentham, MA

Yep, that's a big apple.

The orchards.

Delicious apple cider donuts.

Homemade candy apple.

A frozen apple crisp complete with baking instructions.

Ice Cream Machine, 4288 Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, RI

Many new and different flavors.

(L) Coffee Heath; (R) Amaretto & almond - Soooo good!

A crazy kitty that attacked my camera.

Emilio's Bakery, 287 Legris Ave., West Warwick, RI

Yummy baked goods.

Check out those pies!

(L) Italian sandwich; (R) "Everything" - spinach, pepperoni, black olives.

A lobster tail, a cream horn and two cannolis stuffed with chocolate chips.