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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Scialo's County Bakery

10 Olney St.
Seekonk, MA  02771
(508) 336-8312

February 11, 2014

Scialo’s County Bakery has been a favorite of ours for a while now.  This classic Italian bakery has everything your heart – or sweet tooth – desires, but what makes Scialo’s special is the quality of the baked goods.

Tucked away in a plaza located in an out-of-the-way residential part of town, Scialo’s is bigger than it looks once you step in side.  Several display cases hold their famous cupcakes, eclairs, sandwiches, muffins, biscotti and those deliciously addictive and colorful Italian cookies.

In the center of the store is a revolving display of specialty cakes, tortes and cookie platters that will make your mouth water.  Some may find that the prices here are steeper than your average neighborhood bakery, but you are absolutely getting what you pay for at Scialo’s.

Every time we come here, Mom and I order two lemon muffins.  These soft, fresh muffins are quite large and overstuffed with tangy lemon filling.  We recommended the lemon muffins to my aunt and her girlfriend and they both enjoyed them very much.

On this visit, Mom also bought six cupcakes for my sister as part of her Valentine’s Day gift.  She ordered six white cupcakes – four with Valentine’s decorations and two with lemon filling.  My sister couldn’t wait to eat them and soon after opening the box, she scarfed down two cupcakes.  She loved them.

We’ve had so many good desserts from Scialo’s that it’s hard to list them all, but some of our favorites include the coconut macaroons, the almond macaroons (round almond cookies with a blast of almond paste in the center – so outstandingly good), rum cake (absolutely soaked in sweet rum) and the small platter of mixed Italian cookies. 

Mom tends to always go for plain cookies so when she saw a package of pink buttons, she ripped them off the shelf and put them on the counter.  These tiny shortbreads are dense and very tasty.  You can polish off an entire bag without blinking an eye.

Our grand total for today’s visit (six cupcakes, two muffins and a bag of cookies) came to $14.57.

From the same family as the Scialo Bros. Bakery in Providence, Scialo's County Bakery stands on its own and is one of the best around.  Do yourself a favor and stop in when you’re in Seekonk.  You’ll come out with armloads of breads, boxes of cupcakes and perhaps a platter or two of tasty cookies to munch on the ride home.

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