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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dream Sweet Froyo

23B Faunce Corner Road
Stop & Shop Plaza
Dartmouth, MA  02747
(508) 991-3100

March 15, 2014

After a night of shopping, Mom and I were ready to cool down with a sweet treat.  She had read about Dream Sweet Froyo on a Facebook page and wanted to check them out, so we headed to Dartmouth to get our frozen yogurt on.

Dream Sweet Froyo is an independent self-serve yogurt business much like the popular Orange Leaf chain.  However, as Mom and I found out, what makes Dream Sweet different is the flavor.

The shop is brightly colored, clean and had several tables scattered throughout.  The staff was friendly and welcomed us as we headed to the yogurt area.  We chose the smaller size cup and looked around at the different choices of yogurt.  I went with the cotton candy with a mix of key lime coconut pie while Mom chose the java caramel cup and Tuscan tiramisu (a gelato, which is a rare find in a self-serve yogurt shop).

Next we hit the topping station where Mom added peanuts and marshmallow sauce to her cup and I added maraschino cherries and shaved coconut to mine.  At 49 cents an ounce, our total came to $10.75.  We were also given a loyalty card where every stamp gets you closer to five free ounces of frozen yogurt or gelato.

Mom and I chose a table and dug into our treats.  We thought it was one of the tastiest frozen yogurts we have had – and we’ve been to almost all of the self-serve chains.  Mom liked that Dream Sweet has flavors that no one else does.  (Click here to read the menu.)  The flavors tasted exactly as you would expect from the name, whereas sometimes the Orange Leaf flavors aren’t as pronounced.

My combo was also fantastic, and I have to add that my toppings – cherries and coconut – were so fresh that I had forgotten how crunchy maraschino cherries can be!  The coconut tasted like it had just been prepared prior to my scooping it into the cup.  Everything was excellent.

We will definitely be back for more of Dream Sweet’s unique kinds of gelato and frozen yogurt.  It’s always a great experience when you can support a mom-and-pop business and have a delicious dessert at the same time.

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