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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Federal Hill Pizza

495 Main St.
Warren, RI  02885
(401) 245-0045

April 5, 2014

For the past month Mom and I have been reading and/or hearing about how awesome the pizza is at Federal Hill Pizza in Warren.  We decided to forgo all pizza-eating during the week so that we could truly appreciate the pies at Federal Hill on Saturday.  By the time we arrived, my pizza craving was at its peak.

We were lucky to get a parking spot right at the corner as Federal Hill Pizzeria is right on Main Street. Once inside, we were greeted by a hostess who took us to a raised dining area which allowed us to overlook the entire restaurant.  Our waitress (Donna) took our drink order.  Mom had read that the thing to order – aside from beer – is the root beer on tap ($2.75 each).  We ordered two glasses of this very tasty drink and were ready to start our meal.

We decided to try the 16” pizza margherita ($14.75), the Sicilian rice balls ($8) and the fried ravioli ($7.99).  The ravioli and the rice balls were the first to arrive.  The sauce was very fragrant on both dishes.  Mom and I had been dying to try fried rice balls, a.k.a., “Arancini,” for the longest time.  The ball was fried and the filling was mixed with rice, pancetta and mozzarella, although we didn’t taste the pancetta (pork belly meat).  The prominent flavor was garlic, and lots of it.  We really enjoyed the creamy rice and cheese and the flavor of the garlic kicked everything up a notch.  We loved the sauce they were sitting in and would definitely order these yummy little balls again.

The large fried ravioli were also fantastic.  The cheese inside was creamy and the outside was lightly fried so that the filling was the star.  Again, the sauce was delicious and tangy.

Our pizza arrived on a pedestal which was really cute and allowed us to have some room on the table for our plates.  The pizza margherita is simple – sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil and extra virgin olive oil.  That’s it.  When it first arrived, both Mom and I expected the crust to be heavy and doughy.  On the contrary, the crust was thin, light and chewy.  It was actually one of the best crusts we’ve ever had.  The red sauce was as flavorful as a ripe tomato, the basil shreds gave the pizza a lovely scent and the cheese was fabulous.  All around it was a very delicious and extremely fresh pie.  Mom said that she could eat the crust alone with some dipping sauce.

The owner – William Manzo, Jr. – came over to ask how we were enjoying everything.  I couldn’t get a word out since my mouth was stuffed with food, but Mom told him that everything was great.  Our table was also visited by a friendly man with a heavy accent and, of course, Donna.  She was excellent.

Our total came to $39.14.  Both Mom and I are dying to go back and order one of their large four cheese pizzas.  We saw many large plates with beautiful pasta dishes and drool-inducing pizzas heading to the tables.  I seriously doubt that anyone would have a problem finding something they love at Federal Hill Pizza (click here to view the menu).  There is so much to choose from, including a large menu hanging on the wall with their list of specials.  Also hanging on the wall is many signed pizza peels from people congratulating Mr. Manzo – a member of the World Pizza Champions team – on his continued success.

Federal Hill Pizza is one of our new favorites.  We can’t wait to return.

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