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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Governor Francis Inn

1251 Warwick Ave.
Warwick, RI  02888
(401) 463-8227

May 3, 2014

When it comes to doing restaurant reviews, Mom and I each play a different part.  I write the review, take the pictures and post them online.  Mom has the more important role – finding a place to eat.  She sits in front of the computer (or the TV when the Phantom Gourmet is on) doing her research and trying to find “us” kind of places.  When she read about Governor Francis Inn, she said it had “us” written all over it.  She was right.

We arrived at the restaurant just in time to see a group of senior ladies heading out to the parking lot with their leftovers.  I looked at Mom and she said, “I told you.”  You see, we love places like that.  I know we should like to visit fancier establishments with small plates and sushi and a chef’s menu, but that’s not us.  Wherever the grandmas go, that’s where we want to be because that’s where the good food is.  Remember, Grandma’s on a fixed income.  She doesn’t have money to waste.  She wants quality and so do we. 

We were quickly greeted by a host and shown to an old fashioned, high back booth.  We loved it already.  Our waitress – Lynda – arrived to take our drink order.  In case I forget to mention it, I want to point out that Lynda was absolutely fantastic.  She was friendly, funny and seemed to know every customer in the restaurant.

As we sipped our Diet Cokes ($2.25 each) we perused the vast menu.  There is definitely something for everyone at Governor Francis.  (Click here to view the menu.)  After narrowing down our potential choices, Mom decided on the cheese ravioli with meatballs ($12.99) and I went with the chicken milano with my choice of linguini ($12.99).  The meals came with soup or salad, so we both decided to substitute a regular garden salad for a caesar ($1 each).  Lynda brought us a basket of bread to munch on while we waited.

Mom had read online that some people suggested the possibility of Governor Francis Inn getting a makeover because they feel it is a bit outdated.  However, we love coming to places where the reviews online start out with “I used to come here with my parents when I was a kid.”  Governor Francis Inn is the kind of place that – if you were a frequent visitor back in the day – you’ll always have fond memories of.  Oh yeah, and I heard the food was amazing.

On that note, our food arrived quickly and was steaming hot.  The smell of the Italian sauce on both of our dishes was intoxicating. Mom’s cheese raviolis were stuffed – but not overstuffed – with creamy cheese and the meatballs were thick and had a hearty taste. You could tell that they were homemade because they just fell apart with the fork.  Mom could also tell that the sauce was homemade because you could see chunks of onion scattered throughout.  She loved everything and the portions – her dish and mine – were large, but not ridiculous.

My chicken milano was a breaded breast topped with provolone cheese, roasted red peppers and mushrooms.  It was fantastic!  I ate every bit of that chicken, which had a beautiful white color inside and was cooked perfectly.  The veggies on top were fresh and the cheese was delicious.  The pasta was also good, although I’m not a huge fan of noodles.  (I prefer stuffed pasta.)   Everything was wonderful.

Mom spotted the lemon meringue pie ($5) on the dessert menu earlier, so we decided to split a piece.  It was definitely the perfect way to end the meal.  The citrus tasted cooled down our hot bellies and we just love the texture of the soft meringue.  Our total came to $40.47.

A side note:  Mom and I used the ladies’ room before leaving and I have to say it was one of the cleanest and freshest smelling restrooms we’d ever used.

Between Lynda’s excellent service, the fabulous food and the clean and welcoming environment, we can see why people have been flocking to Governor Francis Inn for years.  We started talking about a return trip while we were still in the parking lot.  If you’re into trendy places, this might not be for you.  However, if you’re looking for a good home cooked meal, Governor Francis Inn is waiting.

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