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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lindsey's Family Restaurant

3138 Cranberry Highway
East Wareham, MA  02538
(508) 759-5544

May 15, 2014

Mom and I love everything about driving to Cape Cod.  We especially love scoping out all the restaurants on the way there.  We’ve been driving past Lindsey’s Family Restaurant for years but had never tried it.  I know of two people – one of them coincidentally named Lindsey – who have raved about the food, so when I asked Mom where she would like to have lunch, we finally decided to give Lindsey’s a shot.

We were greeted by a hostess who brought us to our table and left us with two large menus (click here to view).  I was definitely ready to have seafood and Mom was torn between seafood and a turkey dinner, so we needed a few minutes to narrow down our selections.  Siobhan, our waitress, soon arrived to take our drink order.  We decided to splurge and ordered a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for Mom ($6.25) and a Lindsey’s Lagoon for me ($7.50).  The drinks were fantastic.  Mom’s was a mixture of Stoli vanilla vodka, amaretto and pineapple juice, while mine was made with Malibu rum, Bacardi Limon, blue curacao and a splash of pineapple juice.  Both were fruity and loaded with alcohol.

After finally making a decision, Siobhan returned to take our order.  Any time a restaurant offers clam cakes as an appetizer, we get them.  We went with the half dozen ($4.99) which came with a side of tasty tartar sauce.  Siobhan brought those out first, as well as a bread boule which was hot and soft.  The clam cakes were some of the best we’ve ever had.  They had a nice dry, crisp batter while the inside stayed soft and fluffy.  There were a lot of clams packed inside and Siobhan even tracked down some white vinegar for me to dip them in.  They had a lot of flavor and Mom and I were very happy with our choice.

For Mom’s meal, she chose the fresh broiled haddock ($18.99) with her choice of baked potato and corn on the cob.  I went with the clam strip roll ($10.99) which came with fries.  We patiently sipped our adult beverages and the waters that Siobhan brought us while we waited.

The food arrived hot and looked amazing.  At the same time our food arrived, another table was being presented with large bowls of chowder that were deliciously fragrant.  I made a mental note for next time.  Mom’s haddock was a great size and was topped with maitre d’ butter (seasoned with parsley and/or lemon).  Her baked potato came with a side of sour cream and her corn on the cob came with extra butter to spread. Mom said the haddock was excellent.  It was thick, white, flaky and because it was broiled, had a nice crispy coating.  The baked potato was perfect and as for the corn on the cob – she took it home because she was just too full.

My clam strip roll was delicious and totally overloaded.  It was made from “Ipswich clams,” and since I’ve actually had Ipswich clams before and loved them, Lindsey’s clam strip roll did not disappoint.  For strips, they were very meaty and tender.  The batter was perfectly dry (my favorite) and the bun had been grilled and buttered.  The fries were also tasty and by the end of the meal, I couldn’t even finish the last few strips on my plate.  It was fabulous.

We passed on dessert, but Siobhan almost talked us into ordering a piece of key lime pie.  Siobhan was one of the most professional and knowledgeable servers Mom and I have ever encountered.

Our grand total came to $52.13 for a wonderful meal.  On the way out, Mom and I stopped to use the ladies room.  It was as clean and neat as the restaurant itself – which had been progressively getting more and more crowded as our meal went on.  My cousin even commented that every time he passed Lindsey’s, the parking lot was always full.  We can see why!

If you’re looking for a great Cape meal without the intense Cape prices, look no further.  Lindsey’s offers something for everyone and you will not be disappointed.

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