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Friday, July 25, 2014

Newport Cookie Company

471 Thames St.
Newport, RI  02840
(401) 619-5671

July 24, 2014

Mom and I have been driving past the Newport Cookie Company for a while now, each time trying to take a whiff of the freshly baked cookies through the open car windows.  There’s never a good place to park on Thames Street, so it was fantastic luck that a car was backing out of a space just as we were about to pass the store.  Mom – who never wants to get out of the car unless it’s important – grabbed her wallet and ran inside while I stayed with the car since it didn’t completely fit in the parking space.  Newport problems!

I did get to go inside for a just a minute while Mom stood at the counter looking over the display cases.  The whole place smelled like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, and that’s exactly what we were going to get.  Mom decided on six large chocolate chip walnut cookies (our favorite), which came to $9.72.  They were placed in a cute pink box and before I knew it, Mom was heading back to the car.  Despite the fact that my car was probably parked illegally, I put it in park so that we could each try a cookie right on the spot.

The cookies – which were still warm – were excellent.  The chocolate chip walnut was one of the most flavorful and perfect cookies we’ve ever had.  The chocolate chips were still melty and the walnuts were large and crunchy.  The cookie texture itself was firm around the rim but soft in the middle.  It had obviously just been made and the taste was superb.  Well worth almost getting a parking ticket for.

Newport Cookie Company is famous for its “cakeballs,” which come in a variety of different flavors like red velvet, lemon and German chocolate and different shapes like sea shells, flowers and pineapples.  They also serve cupcakes and other kinds of cookies which can be customized for a wedding.  I also spotted an ice cream case serving Gifford's brand ice cream.

It’s also open late, which is how we originally spotted it.  Mom and I love to drive around Newport on Saturday nights because there’s a lot of excitement around every corner.  We often see people lining up inside for a late night cookie or cakeball.  We are looking forward to trying more of their baked goods.

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