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Friday, March 14, 2014

Sweenor's Chocolates

43 Hillside Road
Garden City Shopping Center
Cranston, RI  02920
(401) 942-2720

March 8, 2014

Mom loves a good chocolate shop, so it was only natural that we paid a visit to Sweenor’s Chocolates while we were in Cranston.

Neither of us had heard of Sweenor’s before, but Mom found them online and oohed and ahhed over their delectable offerings.  The small store – located in the Garden City Shopping Center – was beautifully decorated for both Easter and St. Patrick’s Day.  The whole place smelled amazing.

There was so much to choose from (click here for options), but Mom had a plan.  She saw the sea salt vanilla caramels online and that was her focus.  However, in typical New England Bites fashion, we picked up several other candies before finding what we came for.

We chose a box of cashew dixies ($7.95), a box of malted milk balls ($3.95) and two white chocolate roses ($1.25 each).  We finally found the sea salt vanilla caramels ($4.95) and were surprised that they were coated in dark chocolate.  Mom’s not a huge fan of dark chocolate but we got them anyway because they looked awesome.  Our total came to $20.70.

We can’t say enough about how good this chocolate was.  Everything was so rich and creamy and nothing had an overpowering sweetness.  The sea salt vanilla caramels were fantastic. The salt really stood out against the chocolate coated caramel.  Mom didn’t even mind that it was dark chocolate because of how good it tasted.  As for the dixies, they were very much like turtles and had large, tasty cashews surrounded by caramel and cloaked in both milk and dark chocolate.  Superb!  Again, the salty and sweet combo made for an excellent snack.  The malted milk balls were addictive and had a great crunch to them, and the white chocolate roses were good, but not as flavorful as we expected.  However, you could tell that you were eating quality chocolate and not just some average store bought brand.

If you haven’t visited Sweenor’s yet, do yourself a favor and check them out.  There is plenty to choose from and with Easter right around the corner, you know the Bunny will be stocking up.  Get the candy while it lasts!

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