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Friday, May 30, 2014

Bagel Boys

178 JT Connell Highway
Newport, RI  02840
(401) 841-5578

May 29, 2014

So apparently the curse of “Laura’s Lunch” is still alive and well.  Remember last week’s salsa explosion?  Well this week my shoe broke while I was walking into Bagel Boys.  What is it with my luck on these lunch excursions?!

Enough about me … let’s get down to business.  I’ve been ordering from Bagel Boys for about three months now and everything has always been awesome.  I usually get chicken salad with veggies on a spinach wrap, but today I wanted something different.  I just had no idea what that something was.

Cue my boss, who overheard me talking about “going out for lunch.”  “Where are you going,” she asked.  When I told her that I was heading to Bagel Boys, she replied, “Do they still have that curry chicken salad?”  Um … what?  They have curry chicken salad?!  I love curry chicken salad!  Now I knew what I was having for lunch.

I gave Bagel Boys a call and ordered my curry chicken salad on a sesame bagel with every vegetable they had on hand.  The boss wanted her sandwich without veggies and on a poppy seed bagel.  I was quoted a wait time of ten minutes, so I collected my things and headed for the door.  The restaurant is located in a small plaza, so pay attention when you're driving because you may just zoom right past it.

I’ll have to visit Bagel Boys at some point for breakfast because they really have some unique bagel flavors like French onion, wild berry, garlic and parmesan and “breakfast bar.”  The bagels in the baskets on the wall were a bit picked over, but it was almost 1 p.m. so I’m sure that was to be expected.  My boss’ order came to $7.29, and since I added a can of Coke to my meal, my total was $8.80.  The only problem was that I didn’t realize Bagel Boys was a cash only establishment.  Luckily for me, there was an ATM inside.  The only part that stunk was the transaction fee was a whopping $2.50.  Yikes!

I brought the sandwiches back to the office and dug into mine.  I stored the other sandwich in the fridge since the boss was in a meeting.  My sandwich was fantastic.  The curry was very spicy and the chicken was plentiful.  Now originally my boss told me that the salad contained walnuts and grapes, but I hadn’t noticed any grapes.  Either way, everything was amazing and the veggies – an awesome mix of banana peppers, spinach, red peppers, sprouts and everything else they could find – were fresh and crunchy.  The bagel had a nice chew to it and the meal even came with a delicious pickle on the side.  It was a very filling lunch for under $10 bucks.

Soon after I finished my meal, the meeting had adjourned and the boss returned to her desk.  I grabbed her sandwich from the fridge and she dug in.  She mentioned the missing grapes, but perhaps Bagel Boys has stopped using grapes in their curry chicken salad.  She also thought the curry had a strong kick to it, but she really enjoyed the sandwich.  She mentioned it several times throughout the day:  “My lunch was so good!”  It certainly was.

  • Minutes from the office:  One.
  • Cost of the meal with drink:  $8.80.

I will continue to visit Bagel Boys on a regular basis because of the excellent sandwiches, flavorful bagels and – for the size of your meal – great prices.  They also have a location in Middletown, so be sure to check them out when you’re on Aquidneck Island.

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