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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Miller's Roast Beef

628 Warren Ave.
East Providence, RI  02914
(401) 434-6678

June 14, 2014

My sister Mallory does not usually take part in the awesomeness that is New England Bites.  She does, however, take pictures of her food, write about how good it was (or not) and recommend different restaurants to my mother and I.  Although she may not want to admit it, she is as much a part of New England Bites as we are!  This is especially true when she takes me to places like Miller’s Roast Beef.

Now I’ve had roast beef in the past, but I have never been a big fan.  The only roast beef I actually enjoy is in the sandwiches from Stop & Shop and Panera Bread.  I have no idea how Stop & Shop made the cut, but I’ve always found their roast beef sub to be quite tasty.  I’d always wondered how a real roast beef sandwich from places like Lum’s, Walt’s and Kelly’s would taste.  Miller’s Roast Beef wasn’t even on my radar until my sister raved about how good their sandwiches were.

When Mal popped in for a visit today, we started talking about food.  Miller’s came up and she decided to take me for a sandwich.  Mom and I both took a quick peek at the online menu to decide what we wanted – even though all I wanted was roast beef.  I love the fact that Miller’s will cook the meat “well done” for you because seeing pink or bloody meat of any kind is a big turnoff for me.  Supposedly it tastes better that way, but I can’t handle it.

We arrived fairly quickly and walked right up to the counter since there was no one waiting.  The place was fairly full of diners stuffing their faces with sandwiches.  When it was my turn to order I chose a BBQ pulled pork sandwich for Mom ($4.50), two small fries ($5.50 for both) and a regular well done roast beef sandwich with Swiss cheese and horseradish sauce ($3.90 plus $.35 for the cheese).  My total came to $15.39.  Mal was being waited on at another register where she chose a large roast beef, a Thanksgiving sandwich and fries.

Our food came out quickly and we got back into the car.  I brought along my hot/cold bag to keep the food fresh on the way back.  Since everything was served so piping hot, the food was a perfect temperature when we finally got everything out of the bag.

Mom loved her pulled pork sandwich.  She read online that Miller’s makes their own barbecue sauce and it was wonderfully sweet and smoky.  The sesame bun was soft and buttered and the crinkle cut fries – something that Miller’s is famous for – were deliciously hot and crisp.

My roast beef sandwich was excellent.  I’m not exactly a roast beef connoisseur, but Miller’s is the best I’ve ever had.  The meat was thinly sliced and cooked well done.  There were no chewy weird pieces of fat to make me gag, and the tart flavors of the Swiss cheese and spicy horseradish were a perfect fit with the flavorful roast beef.  My bun was tasty and the fries were perfect. 

I posed the sandwich upside down.  The sesame bun is on the bottom - LOL!

Mal – who loved what she ordered – told us that around lunch time during the week, you can’t get near the place.  I can see why!  The food is fresh, the service is fast and the taste is fabulous.  They have so many other things we want to try (click here to view the menu. They also have another location in South Attleboro, MA.  We’ll definitely be back.

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