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Friday, June 6, 2014

PB Boulangerie Bistro

15 Lecount Hollow Road
South Wellfleet, MA  02663
(508) 349-1600

May 26, 2014

Mom and I have been dreaming about visiting PB Boulangerie Bistro in South Welfleet, MA, for a while now.  The problem is we are never in the area.  Although we like to frequent the Cape, South Wellfleet is about 40 minutes away from Provincetown – the fist of Massachusetts.  We decided that since we were already in South Yarmouth, we’d take the drive and finally find out what people in the area have been lining up for.

The boulangerie was very easy to find.  Located just off the main road, we quickly pulled into the almost-full parking lot and were surprised at how much bigger the building looked from when we saw it on the Phantom Gourmet.  I think they may have added on the tented outdoor seating area.  When we walked up the ramp, we had to wait outside because the place was packed.  Normally the boulangerie isn’t open on Mondays, but they made an exception for Memorial Day.  We were told that the bistro was not going to be open – just the bakery.  However, people were still ordering sandwiches at the register and eating them throughout the restaurant. (Click here to view the menu.)

When our eyeballs could finally see inside, both Mom and I started to get excited.  There was one wall loaded with beautiful savory and sweet breads, cases filled with gorgeous pastries and specialty meats and cheeses.  There was another case on the other side that housed fancy schmancy bottles of water and various European drinks.  The walls were painted with whimsical scenes of ladies walking French poodles and people buying meat from outside vendors.  We felt like we were on an overseas vacation!

When we could finally wiggle into the store, we were greeted with a cheerful “bonjour” from one of the staff members.  Mom – our researcher extraordinaire – already knew what she wanted.  She chose a white chocolate bread ($4.75), a cheese and bacon bread ($4.95), a fruit danish ($3.50) and two chocolate croissants (supposedly $3.50 each, but according to the receipt they charged us for raisin pastries instead).  Our grand total came to $20.94.

Since we had just eaten breakfast, we decided to pass on getting any of the refrigerated items because they would have to travel back with us to Fall River and that wasn’t going to happen.  It wasn’t until we got home that we decided to sample each item.  Actually, we couldn’t wait another minute.  Everything smelled so good!

All of the items – the breads and the pastries – were soft and fresh.  You could tell they had just been made.  PB Boulangerie is as famous for its breads as it is for its long lines in the morning when the store first opens.  We were about to find out what all the fuss was about.

Everything was outstanding!  This was by far some of the tastiest bread we’ve ever had.  The white chocolate bread (Mom’s favorite) literally had chunks of white chocolate baked throughout.  Every bite of bread hit you with a creamy chunk of tasty white chocolate.  It was amazing.  The cheese and bacon bread was detected right away by our cats due to the smoky bacon scent.  It was loaded with bacon bits and deliciously tangy cheese.  It had a nice crusty outside and a dense middle.  It would have been the perfect bread to accompany a bowl of tomato soup.  As for the fruit danish, it was jam packed with juicy blueberries and creamy cheese in a buttery pastry shell.  The croissants were soft and flaky and had a small layer of thick chocolate inside, which is really all you needed to turn the plain pastry into a fudgy delight.  This bakery is fantastic and we can see why customers always give it such a high rating.

Since Mom and I were almost there anyway, we ended our trip by taking a ride through Provincetown – one of the cutest places in Massachusetts.  What wasn’t so cute was me trying to fit my SUV down the main street while Memorial Day shoppers and vacationers squeezed themselves by my side mirrors and walked right out in front of me while I was driving.  I’m just glad the pastries (and the people … I guess) made it home in one piece.

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