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Friday, July 11, 2014

Fiorentina Italian Kitchen

1833 North Main St.
Fall River, MA  02720
(508) 689-7957

June 30, 2014

Many years ago, my family ordered from a new place in the city called Fiorentina Italian Kitchen.  The food was OK, but nothing special.  Fast forward to 2014 and an internet savvy Mom is scoping out the local Facebook groups and reading all of the wonderful things being written about Fiorentina’s.  “We have to give it another shot,” she said.  I agreed, and we quickly placed a takeout order over the phone.

One thing that’s different about Fiorentina’s is that they deliver all over Fall River as well as Somerset, Swansea and Freetown.  Also, they have a large catering menu (click here to view) with several different authentic Italian dishes to choose from.  By authentic, I mean legitimately from Italy.  They all have very thick accents!

Mom decided on an order of curly pasta with meat sauce ($7.99) and I chose the medium calzone with pepperoni, spinach and black olives ($10.99).  For a side we went with the meatballs parmesan ($4.49) and for dessert we ordered the tiramisu ($3.50) and a slice of cheesecake ($3.50).  Our total came to $32.60.

We waited an average amount of time for the food to arrive.  Everything was still hot and looked – and smelled – amazing.  My medium calzone was very big (if you’re one person, this size is plenty) and stuffed with spinach and black olives … but no pepperoni.  Oh well.  The taste was excellent and the ingredients were very fresh.  I also liked that you didn’t have a lot of leftover bread.  I hate calzones that are all shell and no filling.  The meal also came with a side of marinara dipping sauce. 

Mom’s curly pasta was cooked perfectly.  It was nicely al dente and the leftovers even heated up well the next day.  (Usually reheated pasta gets overcooked.)  You could see the chunks of ground beef in the sauce.  Mom said that it was very tasty and the sauce was more sweet than spicy.  It came with a soft ciabatta bun.

The flavorful meatballs were very meaty and had a thin layer of cheese on top of each one.

Ha, ha!  One of the meatballs flipped, but trust me - there was cheese.

As for the desserts, they both tasted amazing.  Cool and delicious, the tiramisu had an excellent espresso flavor while the cheesecake was thick and made in the New York style. 

This was a restaurant quality meal for sure.  You’d never know that you were eating takeout, except for the to-go containers the food came in.  We liked the food so much that on July 6, we ordered a large four cheese pizza ($14.99).  Topped with provolone, romano, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses (no sauce), the pizza was absolutely fantastic.  Even the crust had a great flavor!

We highly recommend ordering from Fiorentina Italian Kitchen if you’re in the Fall River/Freetown/Somerset/Swansea area.  We’re so glad that we decided to give it another shot.

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