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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Frates Drive-In

1423 Somerset Ave.
Taunton, MA  02780
(508) 880-4900

June 21, 2014

After a fun day of celebrating my sister’s new home with our family, Mom and I decided to stop by Frates Drive-In for dinner.  We love visiting Frates because the service is always fast and friendly, the place itself is a lot of fun and the food is excellent.

Mom was lucky enough to score a picnic table by the side of the takeout window while I placed our orders.  I went with a cup of clam chowder ($4.99) and a clam strip roll ($7.99) while Mom went with a classic hamburger ($3.99) and small fries ($2.69).  We both chose root beer floats ($4.49 each) for our drink/dessert.  My total came to $29.68.  Perhaps they’re not the cheapest in town, but the quality is always there so you really don’t mind splurging a little.  The cashier gave me a receipt with a number on the bottom and told me that the food would be out in a few minutes.

She was right!  I had only been waiting a few minutes before my number was called (I think they may have also called my name).  Everything was packaged nicely in cardboard trays which made for easy transport back to Mom.  The food was steaming and looked fresh and delicious.  With fun music from the 1950’s playing overhead and cute cows all around, we dug in.  Mom’s hamburger (she always orders it plain) was meaty and full of flavor and her fries were crisp and hot – just like she likes them.

Ha!  The bun looks a little squished from the wrapper.

My clam chowder was great!  It was full of potatoes and clams and had a very creamy texture.  I could have easily ordered a bucket of this.  As for the clam strips, they came in a buttered hot dog roll which was lightly crisp and tasted great.  The clam strips were perfectly cooked and tender.  A fabulous meal!

Mom had ordered the root beer float at Frates on another occasion, but I had never had one.  It was HUGE.  Definitely worth the $4.49.  We ended up asking for covers so that we could leave with them since there was no way that we could finish them with dinner.  There was plenty of vanilla ice cream and tasty root beer to keep us busy for quite a while.

Frates Drive-In is the perfect summertime destination.  It’s close by, the food is made on the spot and served lightning fast, there are many flavors of ice cream and desserts to choose from (click here to view the menu) and the service – which can sometimes be a hit or miss at busy “clam shack” type places – is always A+.  We can’t wait to return.

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