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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rustic Tri Vue Drive-In

1195 Eddie Dowling Highway
Route 146 South
North Smithfield, RI  02896
(401) 769-7601

August 30, 2014

New England Bites likes to visit the Rustic Tri Vue Drive-In at least once a year.  Although there hasn’t been any summer releases we’ve wanted to see, we did notice that they planned on showing “retro” movies during Labor Day weekend.  Figuring that this may be our only chance to go, we decided to watch two of our favorite movies – Jurassic Park and Jaws – outside on the big screen.

The three-screen theater opens at 6 p.m., but a long line had already formed on Route 146.  It didn’t take long for the cars to start moving in.  For only $25 you get the pleasure of bringing a car load of your friends and family to see TWO movies.  That’s a steal, considering an adult-price ticket in the evening costs about $12 now … and that’s just for one movie!

We were lucky enough to be seeing our movies on Screen 1 – our favorite screen.  Why is this our favorite screen?  Because SUVs can park right next to the snack bar/bathroom/ice cream stand.  That means we don’t have to walk up and down the very rocky hills while trying to balance both food and drink in our hands.  We picked the perfect parking space and decided to get our dinner on.

Now before you start in with your hate mail, we’re already well aware that this won’t be a healthy dinner.  That’s what snack bars are all about.  If you want something different, pack a lunch!

We stood in line with our little cardboard trays and went up to the food area.  After some waiting we chose two hamburgers wrapped in little foil envelopes, a tray of nacho chips with hot, spicy cheese and a salted pretzel with honey mustard dipping sauce.  We both got Diet Pepsi to drink (gotta watch our weight – lol).  The total came to $26.

Mom and I got back into the car and chowed down.  Everything was awesome.  The nachos and cheese were addictive, the salted pretzel was soft and chewy and the hamburgers rocked.  They taste like the high school burgers you secretly loved but always agreed with your friends when they said they were nasty.  We get them every time we come to the drive-in.  Our night is never complete without something wrapped in silver.

Just before the movie was about to start, Mom and I decided to get two twist cones ($6) from the new ice cream window at Rustic.  They were icy cold and tasty.  I have to say – we’ve never had a bad experience with the food here.  The snack bar is always clean, the staff is always friendly and the food is as good as snack food should be.  We did have one not-so-great order of clam cakes once, but that was a while ago. 

Also, for a very busy bathroom, it’s always clean.  The staff does a great job of tending to the ladies’ room throughout the run of both movies.

The first movie to start was Jurassic Park.  I’d seen JP on the big screen before when it first came out, and it was just as much fun this time around.  After it was over, I decided to get a large bag of buttered popcorn ($7).  No movie is complete without popcorn.

Jaws started and we dug into the fresh popcorn.  The attendant really layered on the butter, but we shook the kernels around and they tasted great.  Mom had seen Jaws on the big screen when it first came out and it has always been one of her favorite movies.

Just before the movie finished and Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss swam toward shore, Mom and I put on our seatbelts.  As soon as the credits started rolling, I backed out of my parking space and drove out.  I didn’t want to get caught in the chaos of everyone trying to figure out how to leave the theater.

So if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, or if you’re just looking to relive those old drive-in memories, definitely visit the Rustic Drive-In.  You’ll feel like a kid again.  Bring the babies, the pets, the grandparents – everyone’s welcome!

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