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Sunday, September 7, 2014

609 Locust Street Kitchen

609 Locust St.
Fall River, MA  02720
(774) 294-5259

September 6, 2014

It takes money to run a food blog.  Sure we’ve received the occasional gift certificate or free meal, but the majority of our outings are paid in cash.  Therefore, I must work a full-time job, which usually keeps me away from the breakfast places as I leave for work very early in the morning.  I love going out for breakfast, so today Mom decided that we should visit a nearby eatery that has been receiving rave reviews from locals – 609 Locust Street Kitchen. 

This place is small and cozy and has an open kitchen with bar stools where you can watch your food being prepared by Chef Tom Duggan, or have a seat at one of about five or six tables.  Once again, this place is small, and we’ve been hearing about how customers have tried to get in but the restaurant was at full capacity.  That’s certainly a good sign that the food must be outstanding!

With no air conditioning inside, the door was open and the fans were on.  Mom and I sat at a table by the door to feel the breeze as we ate our breakfast.  After we were greeted by the chef, a friendly waitress arrived at our table to take our drink order.  Mom ordered a bottomless cup of hot coffee ($1.95) and I ordered iced ($1.50).  Both were very flavorful and halfway through my meal I ordered a second glass.

We quickly decided on our entrees.  Mom ordered the sweet bread French toast ($4.95) with a side of bacon ($2.95) and a small orange juice ($1.25), while I went with an omelet stuffed with feta cheese and spinach ($5.95).  My plate also came with toast (I chose white bread) and home fries.

It was hard to take a picture of the inside without being noticed, but we were able to snap a couple of secret shots.  We always forego being the center of attention to let the food be the star.  Everything in the restaurant was clean and had a homey vibe.  We liked the chalk boards on the walls which had all the specials listed on them ... and a chicken.

Our food – which smelled amazing as it was being prepared right on the side of us – arrived at our table piping hot.  Mom’s plate of sweet bread French toast was HUGE.  A lot of restaurants use stale bread to make French toast, but Mom said that her bread tasted very fresh and the texture was soft.  There were three (or four) large pieces dusted with powdered sugar which looked like they were cut from a large round massa (the Portuguese word for sweet bread).  She thought the taste was excellent.  Her bacon was cooked perfectly and was extremely flavorful.  We found a couple of large potatoes hiding under her bacon.  I stole those for myself and they tasted fabulous because they had been covered with the smoky bacon.

My omelet was one of the best I’ve had.  It was absolutely stuffed with feta cheese and spinach.  It even came with a few scattered pieces of feta on top.  I hate restaurants that skimp on feta, but 609 Locust Street Kitchen does not.  The reviews from other people online also state that whatever the filling – the chef actually uses it in the omelet.  You won’t have to get out your magnifying glass to find the ingredients.  My toast was absolutely perfect and I loved the home fries.  They were cut potatoes that were cooked to perfection with just a touch of seasoning on them.  I ate every bit of food on my plate.

Mom and I were stuffed when we left.  This was one of the best breakfasts we’ve had in a long time.  Our total came to $21.45, which was an excellent price for all of the food we had, not to mention the quality.  During our meal, the chef asked us how everything was and we told him that we loved it.

609 Locust Street Kitchen is definitely our new favorite.  We will recommend it to family members who are lucky enough to be able to go out for breakfast often.  The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner.  Check the Facebook page for the hours of operation.  If the Kitchen gets any more popular, Chef Duggan will have to expand!

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